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Why To Follow Your Passion

In an interview with Nousheen Mukhtar, Matteo Boffa, the president of Swiss Business Council Abu Dhabi gave new insight into his life as a prolific investor and entrepreneur. Like any other business man who started from scratch, Matteo admits that it was not an easy journey. While he has become very successful, he credits this to his relentless pursuit of his dreams. In the interview, the Swiss citizen talks about his journey and gives advice on how to reach your goals.
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Matteo started working in a Swiss bank at the age of 15. Having come from a family of bankers, it went without saying that the young man would follow in the footsteps of those before him. While he does admit that the job was a decent one, his heart just wasn’t in it. Making a bold choice, he decided to move to Dubai where he ventured into a new field. Today, Matteo is happy he made the decision.
As an investor, Matteo gives advice on how to ensure companies are financially stable. He believes that although having an idea is important, so is finding an investor. So many great ideas go to waste simply because there were no funds to help them take off. While profit is an important motivator to an investor, they should also have genuine interest in your idea and be just as driven.
To preserve the integrity of an idea, rules and contracts are important. This establishes your role as the decision maker while clearly defining the roles each stakeholder plays. These rules and contracts go a long way in keeping everyone together despite the differences in opinion.
Matteo admits that the Swiss Business Council, which he joined when he first came to Dubai, has played an integral part in his success. As its new president, Matteo has big plans. With his ambition, exciting times are definitely ahead for the council.

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