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What Sets Aside High Performing Leaders

Businesses are directly affected by the Employer’s drive to achieve success. Dr. Corrie John, a well-known business consultant and a beneficiary of the Cycle Social Model, which emphasizes the combination of physical, mental, and organizational health for better results, believes strongly in the power of leadership.
There have been various studies that collaborate with the notion that physical fitness impacts a business’ bottom line.

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One study showed that C.E.O.s who ran marathons possess a powerful overdrive which impacts their business positively and that C.E.O.s who play golf have a preference for leisure which makes them mentally lazy hence yielding a negative impact to the business.
Dr. Corrie’s research cautioned companies to take into consideration the major factors that will ensure their survival in the future. These factors include: –
• Employee Management- It is safe to assume that happy employees lead to loyal employees who in turn produce a better output. Employers should engage the employees in various company functions hence making them passionate about their work.

• Artificial Intelligence – the presence of technology in the office may lead to efficient work but should only be viewed as an aid for the employees who make the final decisions. An increase in technology doesn’t mean unemployment (as many believe) but leads to efficient and productive employees.

In his book, Spartan CEOs, Dr. Corrie discuses six different pillars such as fitness, confidence, discipline, connecting, rest, and competition that aid in a leader’s productivity.
The backbone of every company is the C.E.O. and in the words of Dr. Corrie “everything should be personal when it comes to business” as it affects the livelihood of everyone that is connected by the company. What sets aside high performing leaders from others is the ability to appreciate and connect with their employees. Spartan CEOs can be accessed from Dr. Corries website

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