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Quarantine Connect 2020 Ep 15

In a recent interview with Nousheen Mukhtar, the CEO of Bburaq Media, Nasim points out the benefits of the app and its application for various users. Students for instance can read briefings on the subject of interest to help them decide which books would be best for their studies. Businesses have also been known to go through various books on the site before deciding which speaker would be best for them. This has in turn opened up Dubai to visits from famous speakers all over the world. Watch the Show here:


As an international speaker and founder of Gollup Certified Strength, Anas Aldahoud has used the app from time to time in his work as a trainer. According to Anas, trainers like him could use best book briefings in preparing content for their sessions. It could also come in handy during Q&A sessions and is used by trainees to access information on the relevant topics long after the training. The audio setting is another benefit of the app as it allows users to use it anywhere.

Best book briefings is a popular mobile app that offers various audio and script formats for reading book summaries and briefings. With thousands of books of various disciplines enlisted in the app, it is able to offer fast and precise information to just about anyone ranging from students to business owners. With the help of a highly qualified team of researchers, summarizers and reviewers, its founder Nassim Smada ensures that just about any briefing or summary presented is professionally done.

With its team of researchers who identify trends, best book briefings is ideal for people who want the latest information. This is especially helpful to start ups whose founders need to keep up with current business trends. Because of its ability to stay current the app has become one of the first to put out information on the current coronavirus pandemic.

Best book briefings is now more useful than ever. With the norm being social distancing, many have dwelled into book reading and research. Access having been made free, best book briefings is sure to get more attention than ever.

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