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How to Use LinkedIn for Personal Branding & Leads

Networking through LinkedIn is a great way of expanding one’s outreach. Nousheen Mukhtar discusses personal branding and marketing via LinkedIn with Ahmad Imam who is a well-known LinkedIn personality.Watch the show here:

LinkedIn is an application created for the sole purposes of helping business owners and entrepreneurs build their brands from scratch.

It is a powerful platform that helps a person find their ideal client profile, create content that keep clients interested and in turn  places the person as an authority in that field. This will allow people from their line of expertise to connect and exchange ideas with them.

A business owner would have  taken into account the various aspects of the App, so that he or she yields better results. The general  aspects of Linked in do  include:

  1. Personal Branding– The App allows a business owner to be creative and unique, hence creating a style that his target clients get attracted to and recognize hence creating a unique  brand for the owner.


  1. Content Creation– This should be viewed as one of the major aspects of the App, content allows the target client to understand and get interested in their brand. A user should post content as frequently as possible. He or she should also put in mind that quality videos are better than quantity hence one can fail to post content frequently but ensure that he or she has quality content.


  1. Lead generation– Strategies associated with this spell out the terms in and out balance. A user should post contents that address questions that their target audience may have. The user should also view and comment on content posted by others.


For users who would like to navigate the business world better, the App provides coaches who assist one in posting their contents to reach their target audience. Due to our digital age territory doesn’t matter provided a coach culturally understand their trainee’s content and ideas.

Linked in is basically a river of generated ideas from business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world. It will allow one to participate in socialselling which is the building of businesses pipelines and closing of deals. An entrepreneur’s idea is a recipient’s blessing, join Linked in today and understand the power of learning and connection.

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