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How To Stay Mentally Healthy During Home Quarantine

This episode of Quarantine Connect 2020 with Rahaf Kobeissi and Nousheen Mukhtar reveals how to take care of one’s psychological health. You can watch it here:

Mental health is the state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment.

The thought of being mentally healthy may be challenged due to  quarantine. Spending time at home seems stressful especially if the person is a workaholic. Being in quarantine has stripped us of our everyday control. The control we need to plan, exercise and prepare is no longer present as people can’t picture tomorrow as being any  different than today.

There are various ways that can help us stay mentally healthy during this period such as:

  1. Meditation– It mostly depends with a person’s mood, for the brain to adapt to a hobby it requires at least 21 days to get used to it. You can have different moments for mediation depending on the time that works for you, though it is advisable to meditate in the morning and evening. The process will help you create themes for the day and stick to your affirmations.
  2. Working out– this may not be preferred by many but it helps a person relieve stress and anxiety. Consistently is key and mostly reiterated to help a person keep fit. Working out can also help you pass time.
  3.   Adopt old habits – old habits include playing games online with friends. One of the habits recommend by life coaches is watching a movie and taking yourself to dinner in the comfort of your home. Take a shower, prep yourself and sit in front of the  television with a glass of wine and relax your mind.

The above discussed shows us the importance of training our minds and listening to the intuitions that it sends us rather than ignoring.

Self care is basically a mechanism to help us stay mentally fit and it is divided into the inner and outer. The efforts of self care may be different from one person to the other but both arrive at the same result. To promote an individual’s self-care it is advisable to enlist a life coach who will guide you.

During this quarantine period stay safe, creative and  have a blast because its all about taking care of your mental health.

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