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How To Market With The Human Side Up

Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.” – Rudy Giuliani [Tweet). Due to the world of virtual technology and changes that have been brought about by the pandemic, it is safe to assume that those involved with any form of marketing have changed tactics. The human factor in marketing requires the marketing manager to  recognize what the potential customer is going through: his thoughts, feelings and emotions are important.

Mr. Jov Abdullah, a strategic marketing specialist sheds light on the stages that the customer experiences during the pandemic which is worrying, denial, and acceptance respectively. Here is his interview with Nousheen Mukhtar:

Once a salesperson should remember that creating a binding relationship with the customer is better than gaining experience. To achieve this, one should show the client empathy during this situation.

Mr. Abdullah advises that there are certain factors that shape the avenue of virtual marketing such as: –

  1. Emotions – part of the background of marketing, a salesperson should try and match the core values of the brand with those of the customer.


  1. Strategies – Don’t give a feeling that does not live in reality, the social media platform you chose should correspond with the ones used by the customers. Strategies assist in risk evaluation and business contiguity.


  1. Collaborations & Partnerships – can be classified into exposure & visibility which one partners for social purposes not necessarily money and Associates with whom we partner with for the purposes of generating business.


  1. Video ads – Sight and sound advertisements that explain your brand. One should post on the social platforms best to attract customers


As for advice to young business owners, Mr. Abdullah advises that one needs to be patient especially with organic marketing. It takes at least 6- 8 months to establish trust with customers.

He also reiterates that it is all about the timing, a customer constructively spends time on social media after completion of tasks. A constructive salesperson should try his best to resonate with his/her customer.

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