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How To Find The Right Job During Covid-19

The world has fallen into tough times, the pandemic being one of them. During this period the economy has declined as the majority of the organizations were not prepared for this situation. Most of the organizations have made changes via salary reductions and laying off several employees. “Success in life is not how well we execute Plan A; it’s how smoothly we cope with Plan B,”- Sarah Ban Breathnach. Unfortunately, most people had not created a plan B for one reason or the other, hence, millions have no source of income at the moment. The number of people looking for employment is unrealistically higher than any time in human history.
If you have been affected by the Covid-19 job layoffs, you must also be looking for a good position in a reputed company. As much as giving up seems realistic, kindly remember that not all organizations have been affected by the pandemic and there is still hope. Many companies are looking for talented and experienced candidates for their growth. If you use LinkedIn for job search and update your profile professionally, job search will become easier for you. Here are some steps that we advise you to take while looking for a job include:

Here is the interview with the Founder of Excellence Resume – Fabien Ghys.

STEP 1: Prepare a list of your skills and expertise- Try and identify what makes you unique and what your transferable skills are, always keep an open mind about switching careers.
STEP 2- Prepare a list of selling products- This allows you to know which products are on the market and the companies selling them. Make a list and research on the companies’ hiring policies.
STEP 3 – Connect – This step begins with the updating of your Curriculum Vitae and social platform’s profile. Remember to create the necessary vibe by communicating with your future employees. Make a connection with the officer in charge of hiring and create the best impression that you can.
Not all attempts will be successful, so don’t get frustrated and keep on trying with different avenues. Critics have warned against applying via job portals as competition is high therefore chances of being picked are low.
Prepare your profile in a way that enhances your brand, and always be positive. A negative person ruins their reputation, it is, therefore, wise to stay in the clear besides positive minds attract.

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