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How to Find a Job During Corona Virus

Covid 19 pandemic is stressful to all, there is a ban for everything from lockdowns to travelling. It gets more depressing for the guys trapped in different countries and are unemployed. Here are some tips for job seekers to find jobs in Dubai and the UAE, watch the full episode of Quarantine Connect 2020 show here:


The economy is seriously crumbling due to the increase in unemployment and poor levels of productivity. Saleha Surti (founder of Coach Link & Women Talent Connect) suggested that one should leverage this time and find means to keep busy. This time may not be luxurious but for those unemployed, one should take a minute and come up with a concrete job strategy such as: –

  • Update Curriculum Vitae- Most business enterprises are digital, in order to stay connected to the business world you can post your curriculum vitae, experiences and skills on LinkedIn. Do remember to keep your Linked in account updated


  • Create a target list– there are a number of companies that were not impacted by the pandemic hence are in a position to hire new staff. Prepare a list of the said companies and make applications in respect to each one.


  • Review and Update skills- This will apply to those who have the luxury of time, you can apply for an online course and get to learn more hence granting you an advantage.

One should also work on their transferrable skills, these are skills like adaptability, communication and public speaking among others. (this specifically works for those trading fields)


  • Self-awareness– The best investment is the one that you make on yourself. It is always advisable to be aware of your strength and weaknesses so as to be more effective in any business setting.
  • Free Lancing – it isn’t a bad idea to freelance especially if it adapts to the digital era, try your hand in new ideas and means to attract your client tell.

In addition to the above, linked in subscribers have enhanced their platforms by sharing ideas, and advising those in need. There have been popular projects created such as the five-day challenge.

We do hope that you agree with us and proclaim that the best investment is that which is made on oneself. The presence of various platforms such as LinkedIn and The CoachLink  created to help you achieve your goals should do more than motivate you.


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