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How Build Buyer Trust

Starting a business involves a lot more than having a product. Finding clients and ensuring they stick with you requires that you build trust. This is something many entrepreneurs struggle with. In a recent interview, Spencer Lodge, Chairman of The Blue Sky Thinking Group, Founder of The Making It Happen University, International Keynote Speaker and Author, gives advice to business owners on how to build trust. Watch the show here:

The first step in building trust is to create valuable content for your product online. This content should show your expertise on the product and educate potential clients on its use. The next step is to ensure your content goes to the necessary people. You could then try to contact any potential clients you might know of in order to create interest in your product. To convince people to buy from you, you need to emphasize the value your product will bring to them and not on how you can sell them something.

Spencer gives examples of money-making activities that could work during this period. He focusses on life coaches. According to him, being a life coach requires that you have experience in your field of expertise for people to trust you. It also requires that you use social media to promote your content and religiously post content to show people how serious you are with your product. A lot of his advice could apply outside the field of coaching.

Getting turned down by clients will happen from time to time. An entrepreneur should not take rejection personally. In fact, focusing on clients that feel strongly against your idea could be a valuable strategy. Try figuring out what a client has against your idea or product and work on it. This could go a long way into helping you earn more clients.

Although building trust with your clients is not easy, it will always pay off as it ensures sustainability something all business owners strive to achieve.


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