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How to build a lasting relationship

Since the call for social distancing, many people have found themselves stuck at home with their partners. It could be frustrating having to spend every waking moment with someone. However, this should be taken as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship or work on building new ones. Anita Milovac a Confidence and Transformation Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speaker have tips on how to build a strong and lasting relationship.

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In an interview with Nousheen Mukhtar of Buraq Media, Anita tells us what women should first consider in a relationship. She believes that it is important for a woman to take charge of her own emotions. The world is filled with movies and stories with characters looking for a partner to complete them. While the idea is pleasant you’d be surprised to know that this does not work on the real world.  Projecting your emotions and expectations onto your partner is never a healthy way to build your relationship. For this reason, it is important for us to find ourselves and become fulfilling human beings before entering a relationship. This way, our happiness isn’t based on someone else.

Communication is key for any relationship to work. Couples need to communicate their needs and feelings to each other. However, this can sometimes be difficult. This is because we tend to judge each other too quickly and this could be a barrier when a partner seeks to open up. Anita suggests creating a safe space. This is a space of acceptance and no judgment where each partner is willing to be open and listen.

Creating a safe space is not as easy as it sounds. Partners sometimes tend to take things too personally when a person’s behavior has nothing to do with them. This could make us less inclined to share. Despite this, safe space will help build trust and strengthen your relationship. Anita assures us that this will go a long way in ensuring our relationships last.




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