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5 types of vaginal discharge and what they mean?

The female reproductive system can be very complicated. With this said ensuring that your vaginal health is up to standard is very important. It’s important to know the different types of discharge that you’re excreting and what they mean. Different types of discharge have different meanings. Some might be an indication of ovulation or menses while others might be a red flag for disease which means you need to seek medical advice. Here are just but a few types of vaginal discharge and the meaning behind them.

Thick White Discharge

Thick white discharge is a normal kind of discharge excreted by the vagina. It is important to know that vaginal discharge is basically fluids from the cervix or vagina. The fluid carries bacteria and dead cells that help clean the vagina. However, if the white discharge is accompanied by a burning sensation and itching then this is the first stage of a yeast infection and should be attended to immediately.

Yellow Discharge

Yellow discharge is an abnormal discharge and is a clear indication of a sexually transmitted disease or a bacterial infection. In most cases the discharge often comes with a foul cheesy smell along with itching and can be quite irritating.

Brown Discharge

Brown vaginal discharge can mean a few things one of them being an indication of your menses about to start or irregular periods.  Brown discharge can also be a sign of uterine cancer especially when it is consistent throughout your cycle.

Clear white Discharge

This can also have different meanings behind it. Clear white discharge is an indication of ovulation taking place in your body. This information can be quite helpful for the women who are looking for the best time to conceive. Another reason might be semen, this is only applicable when you have had unprotected sex a few hours before.

However if the discharge is accompanied with burning sensation, itching and a foul smell, it’s important to seek medical advice immediately. In most cases it might be the start of a yeast infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

Green Discharge

This is not normal and should be looked into ASAP. Green discharge comes with a foul smell in most cases along with itching. It is usually an indication of a yeast infection that has not been attended to early enough and can also be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.

Yeast Infection Discharge

Yeast infection discharge can take up different colors depending on the stage. It is caused by overgrowth of fungus in the vagina and comes with a cottage cheese like smell in the vagina long with a burning sensation, redness and itching. It takes up a thick white discharge at first and later on proceeds to a greener color. There are over the counter meds that treat this immediately but if pregnant, consult your doctor before using any meds.

Vaginal health care is very important and ensuring that you uphold the right standards will improve your chances of a healthy lifestyle.

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