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Women Leadership Summit 2021 is happening this June!

Great news for Women Business Leaders in Dubai: Women Leadership Summit 2021 is happening this June and it invites all thriving leaders to connect for mutual growth.

Nousheen Mukhtar International organizes women leadership summit for those who seek collaboration initiatives and investment opportunities. Summit spotlights prominent women leaders in the UAE.

Nousheen Mukhtar International, one of the leading advocates for bringing businesses under one umbrella is happy to announce the agenda for the 2021 women leadership summit — including keynote speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. The event is aimed to boost new women leaders to collaborate with renowned icons from diverse industries including tourism, IT, finance, trade, commerce, professional development, education, entertainment etc., across the UAE.

Nousheen Mukhtar International is committed to this event to extend support towards women in business. If you are a woman business leader based in the UAE, then you are invited to attend the women leadership summit 2021 to grow your business network. This year the summit is focused on delivering more collaborative and immense experience for those who seek collaboration, investments, and partnerships.

The most charismatic leaders are excellent listeners. Hence, you are invited to the event to listen to their success stories to get inspiration on how these women turned all the odds in their favor and won big. Leaders such as Rahaf Kobeissi, the founder of Rays Your Mental Health and Hasnae Taleb, the iconic investor, Founder of The Double H & Co. a successful entrepreneur and World Peace Ambassador of the UAE are taking the stage to inspire the audience.  It is, furthermore, a golden opportunity to connect with some of the top women leaders across the UAE to improve your business to the next stage.

This is second in the series of one day summits, that are being organized by Nousheen Mukhtar International to materialize the vision of this company’s founder about bringing businesses within the UAE to closer affinity and build lasting meaningful collaborations. Nousheen Mukhtar, herself, is a serial entrepreneur who has mentored several businesses in Dubai. She envisions Dubai as hub of women leadership and believes this is the best place for every ambitious woman.


About the Organizing Company:

Nousheen Mukhtar International is a personal branding, marketing and PR agency specialized in corporate communications, media visibility campaigns, production and publicity as well as boutique marketing strategies. The company is led by Ms. Nousheen Mukhtar who is a serial entrepreneur with multiple enterprises in Dubai and her home country Pakistan. She believes strongly in the power of strategic networking and business collaborations. The company has been hosting multiple events under her guidance since 2015 and this year it has launch its Summit series with the intention of hosting these summits on yearly basis.


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