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Ultimate Fashion and Lifestyle Platform Al Misk Boutique Launches in Dubai

Al Misk, known since 2017, as an events company is launching Al Misk Boutique this September to answer the needs of millions of fashion and lifestyle products and services buyers not just in the UAE but globally.  Al Misk Boutique is an E-commerce web and mobile application which invites vendors and consumers to connect and engage in easy and fast sales. The focus of the platform is to connect all levels of brands with the right consumers with easy payment options and seamless processing system.

Al Misk Boutique serves different purposes including marketing for registered brands, vendors, and service providers; sales to customers; ease of paying for luxury items available on the app and in the web store; and building a community of businesses, influencers, suppliers, service providers and buyers where every body is boarding this platform to benefit themselves and others. The platform is promising growth to all.

Al Misk Boutique is the new initiative of Al Misk Group led by Noora Fikree. The CEO, Noora Fikree, holds the mission to make business smooth and scalable for home run businesses as well as the luxury brands. She aims to make online shopping experience easy and convenient for the online shoppers worldwide; this is the reason Al Misk Boutique is open to all levels of brands, businesses, service providers and influencers from anywhere in the world.

From Al Misk Events and Exhibitions to the digitalization of the brand, Noora Fikree has achieved her resolve of serving her customers best through this E-commerce fashion and lifestyle platform. They no longer have to wait for an exhibition, they can simply download Al Misk mobile app and find the choice items they need. She states, “Anyone visiting Al Misk Boutique should be able to find all his needs answered within his spending budget. Our aim is to meet the needs of every single individual who visits the platform at any moment in time”. She has the soft launch of Al Misk Boutique planned for the end of September 2021.

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