The Abrahamic Business Circle Agriculture Investment Forum 2021 held on 29 September, 2021 - Food is Life - Stylfemina

The Abrahamic Business Circle Agriculture Investment Forum 2021 held on 29 September, 2021 – Food is Life

Agriculture Investment Forum 2021 started the conference with: “The Future of Humanity is dependent of the Future of Agriculture – Food is Life!”


DUBAI, UAE: 2nd October, 2021: Experts in Agriculture, top-level representatives of several countries in the United Arab Emirates, global members and business leaders from around the world gathered together in The Abrahamic Business Circle Agriculture Investment Forum 2021, “Let’s grow together” held last Wednesday, 29th of September 2021 at the Oberoi Dubai.

The theme “Let’s grow together”, was fully covered by distinguished speakers who share their meaningful and substantial insights from Shaping the future of Agriculture and Fisheries; Agriculture investment opportunities in Fiji; Agriculture- The Bedrock of Human Existence, -an Economic necessity; From Agriculture to Agri-tech industry a new business opportunities in Vietnam; Agriculture, the untapped sector for investment in Sierra Leone; General Agriculture Investment in Mali; The Netherlands, a Strategic partner in Agriculture; Export potential in Agriculture sector of the Republic of Tajikistan; High tech/low tech, a simplified Tech approach to solving small farmers challenges; Soil impoverishment, how it impacts our health and well-being and what to do about it; the spectrum of Agricultural investment, from Public Assets to Agri-tech; Cerafiltec, a techno-commercial breakthrough in water filtration; Agro-technology fights starvation; Culture, Agriculture and the smell of storms; Sheikh Zayed Agriculture City; and How investment looking up in the recent innovation in Agriculture to Entertainment, Social Impact and Sustainability.

“Peace and Tolerance are the keys for Economic Development”, was the welcomed address speech by The Abrahamic Business Circle’s founder and chairman, H.E.DR.DR. h.c. RAPHAEL NAGEL.  Among the distinguished speakers were: H.E. AMBASSADOR HJAYCEELYN QUINTANA, H.E. AMBASSADOR NAIPOTE KATONITABUA, H.E. AMBASSADOR DENG DENG NHIAL, H.E. AMBASSADOR NGUYỄN MẠNH TUẤN, H.E. AMBASSADOR RASHID SESAY, H.E. AMBASSADOR ALBINO MALUNGO, H.E. DEPUTY AMBASSADOR ADAMA SANGARE, H.E. DEPUTY AMBASSADOR DOUWE BUZEMAN, H.E. DZUMAKHONZODA DZAMSHED DZURAKHON,  BARRY R. DENISON, DR. PEPPER STEWART, DR.CHRISTOPHER ABRAHAM PH.D, FCIM, DAVID GIBSON-MOORE,  OMID HONARI, MALACHI HALLIDAY, PROF.DR.DR.h.c. SIR MILAN KRAJNC, DR. TILLMANN LAUK, LL.M., DAVID SOLOMON, PROF. DR. FELIPE DEBASA, AHMED ALHEFEITI and VALENTINA CASTELLANI-QUINN. The forum ended with a beautiful and passionate deliberation of JOY MALKA ROTHENBERG, Esq. with, “The seeds we plant today will harvest tomorrow: Let’s unite and partner to make this world a much better place”


H.E.Dr.Dr. h.c. Raphael Nagel’s dream in steadfastly promoting Economic Diplomacy honor the Government and People of the Republic of Rwanda with OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT for their achievement in shaping the strength of the leadership they set out for future generations. The recognition was well-received by His Excellency Counsellor Edouard Bizumuremyi, Minister Counsellor of the General Consulate of the Republic of Rwanda.




About The Abrahamic Business Circle:

The Abrahamic Business Circle promotes economic diplomacy through business. The global networking group provides its members with a worldwide network of contacts to raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments, joint-ventures, distribution channels and new clients. The organization is apolitical and areligious group.


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