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Suzi Nassif Showcases Home Accessories and Wearable Art at Urbanist Store

March 11, 2020, Dubai

Suzi Nassif the world famous portrait surrealist displays her wearable art at the Urbanist Store in Dubai this season. After the breathtaking launch of her fashion collection in an opening night at Coya Four Seasons Hotel, Jumeirah, Dubai, Urbanist is the hub for her home accessories and wearable art.

Home accessories can be easily bought from the Urbanist Store. The accessories include cushions and pillows with prints of original art by Suzi Nassif. The arts include this famous portrait artist’s famous paintings such as Musai, Dalimortal, Amar, Fridalism and many more artworks. These cushions for sofa’s are for art lovers who have taste for original art. They will add class and style to the ambience of any living room. They are the hot selling items at Urbanist store in Dubai.

Along with home accessories the wearable art including kimonos is also displayed at Urbanist store. The wearable art by Suzi Nassif includes many kimonos made in fine fabric. These kimonos have her paintings in print. The original art print is worth having this spring if you want to look chic. The kimonos are for women. They are free size wearable therefore, you do not have to worry about size. The famous paintings such as Dalimortal, Fridalism, Her Majesty and His Ego, and I am Beautiful.

The store is also displaying art on canvas. You may see beautiful paintings by Suzi Nassif on the walls of Urbanist Store in Box Park, Dubai. Suzi’s paintings have claimed various awards in the past. She is no doubt a very talented artist. She has won the Palm Art Award, Casanova Award and Leonardo Da Vinci Awards in the past years. She is loved by many art enthusiasts. Her different exhibitions all over Dubai as well as worldwide as awaited for by her fans. She stand prominently known among her contemporaries for the creative art she creates. She has won world fame and is an inspiration for thousands of budding artists in the Surrealism category.

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