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Sterilization is now back in Abu Dhabi

Residents are asked to remain at home between midnight and 5 am.

The sterilization exercise that is scheduled to start on July 19th 2021, will take place every day from midnight as traffic and public movement will remain restricted.

This announcement has been made by the Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee. The emergency authority made the announcement of the launch of the National Sterilization Program scheduled to start on Monday, July 19. This is part of their efforts to help safeguard public health and further prevent the spread of the Covid-19 in the nation.

According to the announcement, the sterilization drive is expected to be undertaken on a daily basis from midnight to 5 am in the morning. Movement of traffic and the general public will be highly restricted. Other forms of transportation services will also stand suspended during those hours of the night.

The public are expected to stay at home during the said hours unless it is absolutely important to leave their homes. Restricted movement may be granted by authorities to enable people to access essential supplies such as medicine or food.


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