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QR Codes on Pet Jewelry from Rozmemories

Dubai: 4 September, 2021

Rozmemories has launched pet jewelry for those lovable little pets to ensure the pet owners do not lose their treasure. Straying pets are hard to retain. Often they stray away so bad that it is hard for the owners to get them back. As a result they are lost forever. This problem is solved by Rozmemories as they have launched the new pet pendants. These pendants carry the QR code imprints with owner’s details that could be seen at scanning. When a pet strays away, anyone finding it may easily scan the QR code on the pendant and bring the pet at the given contact details to return it home.

Rozmemories is a custom jewelry brand that specializes in creating custom made memory oriented jewelry for its customers. All jewelry items created by Rozmemories are equally unique as they are 100% customized for every customers. Jewelry is more personal now as it carries beautiful messages in imprints and life casting impressions. Customers may select an item and then communicate with Rozmemories team to ensure their personal messages are engraved or imprinted in the ordered items. Rozmemories is an online store. It is very easy to place an order for desired item. The team gets the items prepared within a few days to have it delivered to the customers.

Rozmemories has its office in Dubai and its production house in the Gold Souk where the custom-made pendants for the pets as well as other jewelry items are being made. The brand is towering traditional jewelry trends because it speaks with the need for creativity. It allows the Dubai residents to understand its zest for innovation and encourages them to wear more style. Similarly, the pet jewels by Rozmemories are a step forward to combine aesthetics with the safety of the pets. A very practical solution for the Dubai residents.

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