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DUBAI, UAE: 7th December, 2021: As the EXPO 2020 Dubai hosts the world for 182 days with each one is brimming with new experiences between 192 countries.  The Abrahamic Business Circle joins the Dubai Expo 2020 to celebrate the collaborations and creation of opportunities.  A Universal Exposition.  The Abrahamic Business Circle pave the way to its Global Members, Investors and special invited Guests on the 8th of December, 2021 at TAJ Dubai, Investment Summit 2021, LET MONEY TALK.


Combined Connection offers Opportunities.  The year-end gathering for Global Members to network, build and strengthen connections;

  • Members from 56 countries around the globe
  • Meet the 200++ Delegates and Investors
  • Listen from 32++ Speakers and Panelist
  • From 20++ Industries
  • Investment Exchange of $675.2 Million


Forward-Thinking and Thought-Leaders.  The Abrahamic Business Circle’s highlight event of the year, Investment Summit 2021, Let Money Talk will feature;

  • High-caliber and distinguished speakers and guests from around the world
  • Honor exemplary individuals who made an impactful contribution to society and business world


Connecting Ideas Increase Opportunities. Experts in diverse sectors including Investments, Finance, HealthCare, ESG, Real Estate and Technology will partake their mastery in the theme “Let Money Talk”.

  • “Real Estate and Credit – the global credit risk landscape”
  • “Nature island of the Caribbean”
  • “ESG and investing sustainably in Vietnam”
  • “Traditional Leadership, the arrowhead of Investment into Africa”
  • “Investing for the future”
  • “Local going global as indication in partnership”
  • “Business Ethics; Being honest with ourselves and others”
  • “Real Estate Investment in the Age of Covid “
  • “Big Data, leaving no stone unturned“
  • “Healthcare and Biotechnology”
  • “Blockchain Mindset”
  • “Investment opportunities of Belarus”
  • “Smart Sustainable Cities: Investment Opportunities in CIS Countries”
  • “Investing in Smart Innovations of Healthcare“
  • “ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), how is it important to investors”
  • “Blockchain Technology: Are we headed towards the end of money?”
  • “How Data Science, IOT and Machine Learning work for you”
  • “The innovative ways to attract funding”
  • “How Fintech is driving the modern businesses”
  • “Identity is the true worth of every investment”


With Excellence comes Recognition.  The Abrahamic Business Circle celebrates and honors the exemplary individuals in the following categories:

  • “Business Excellence Category”
  • “Outstanding in Technology & Science Category”
  • “Sustainable Education Category”
  • “The Milestone Achievement Category”


The Abrahamic Business Circle’s Founder and Chairman, H.E.Dr.Dr.h.c.Raphael Nagel lauded the great leaders of United Arab Emirates especially the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Chairman encourages investors from around the world to visit Dubai Expo 2020 and inviting them join in The Abrahamic Business Circle’s Investment Summit 2021, Let Money Talk.

A full blast networking event with the participation of several distinguished speakers including Norman Kutemperor, Prof. Milan Krajnc, PhDD,HcDD,  Patrick Malek, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, David Gibson-Moore, Gordon Einstein, Dr. Christopher Abraham, PhD,FCIM, Dr. Andrea Claudio Galluzzo di Capramozza, Carl M. Sherer, Malachi Halliday, Dr. Gianluca Anguzza, Karteekka Tyaggi, William Reichert, Clotilde IAIA Polak, Lior Oren, Aghiath Chbib, Dr. Maxi, Saksonov, Matthias Daeschner, Dr. Ben Hanson, Stefan Kern, Dr. Mazdak Rafaty, Nataliya Wiedemeyer, Prof. Adil Matin, Nousheen Mukhtar, Nawar Abdul Wahed, Dr. Tillmann Lauk (LL.M.), H.E. Ambassador Hubert J. Charles, Vu Thai Ha, HRH Oheneba Yaw Otchere, Tatiana Cordoba, E. Nisar Khan, Nicole Purin, Paul Friedman, Dzmitry Berazouski, Ali Shabdar, Adnan Sawadi, Maria Hall, Joy Malka Rothenberg Esq, Yohana Previtera, Gustavo Montero, Stefan Hickmott, Marlen Murphy, Dr. Tommaso Fabio Conforti, Omid Honari, H.E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani, Moshe Shapoff and William Kistler.


H.E.Dr.Dr. h.c. Raphael Nagel’s vision is to bridge opportunities by steadfastly promoting Economic Diplomacy through business.




About The Abrahamic Business Circle:

The Abrahamic Business Circle promotes economic diplomacy through business founded and chaired by H.E. Dr.Dr.h.c. Raphael Nagel. The global networking group provides its members with a worldwide network of contacts to raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments, joint-ventures, distribution channels and new clients. The organization is apolitical and areligious group.


For More Information:

Email us at contact@theabrahamicbusinesscircle.com

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