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Inspire Leadership Global Awards 2023 collects Industry Leaders

Inspire Leadership Global Awards 2023 Collects Business Leadership from Across the World

Dubai has been attracting global business for more than two decades now and its eco-system offers many business growth opportunities to businessmen. A truly inspiring elite event was organized this January to mark the beginning of a highly promising year in Dubai under the title of Inspire Leadership Global Awards 2023. The event was organized by Nousheen Mukhtar, a highly valued and revered business leader – founder of Stylfemina Magazine and Nousheen Mukhtar International, a PR agency. It was held under the patronage of Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla and it carried the agenda of connecting business leaders from multiple industries. Icons from sectors of banking, CSR, corporate services, AML & compliance, law, technology, blockchain, coaching and training, branding, investments, interiors design, art, beauty and fashion, health and healing, and others won awards for their distinguishing performance during 2022.

A leadership forum led by the award winning international public speaker, Dave Crane, initiated the leadership awards ceremony. Views about leadership, challenges faced by present times leaders and future readiness were discussed by renowned speakers Dr. Corrie John Block, Spencer Lodge, Dr. Chuma Osuchukwu and Lina El Assaad in the forum preceded by Inspire Leadership Awards ceremony. Dr. Kabir (COO Majestic Investments and Office of Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla), Mr. Huzaifa Ibrahim (Head of Directors Office of Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla) and Khalid Al Balooshi (Protocol Director Office of Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla were awarded for excellence.

Dave Crane, the founder of The Industry Icon Program and The Game Changers global community won the Best International Public Speaker and Emcee Award 2023. Dave Crane is an award winning international motivational speaker and mentor of Industry Icons and thought leaders. Who has headlined, hosted and entertained over a billion people over the course of 30 years including the Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, T20 World Cup Cricket and FIFA International Beach Soccer. He has worked alongside Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, James Brown, Amitabh Bachan, Kanye West and many more. He is currently creating a community of decision makers who are growing their brands and speaking on stages around the world.

Beautiful Bundles, headed by Masumi Aggarwal, won the Best Lifestyle Online Marketplace Award 2023. Beautiful Bundles was launched a year ago with one in-house fashionable clothing for kids label; it has grown exponentially within a year and now boasts of 180 brands. It is a one-stop-shop for lifestyle including cosmetics, luxury perfumes, home and selfcare, mommy needs, baby essentials and skincare etc. it is admired for top-notch customer services and digital shopping experience. Masumi Aggarwal is a passionate and driven entrepreneur.

Chartered Buying Management Consulting, represented by Faiq Ali Khan, won Best Supply Chain & Procurement Company Award. Chartered Buying is a very innovative company in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting, helping leading corporates in the Middle East and Europe. With a team having experience across various industries like Healthcare, Technology, Banking, Insurance and public sector in Europe & UAE. Bringing unique and transformational initiatives, and consulting for this domain, Chartered Buying has delivered some valuable projects for the public sector in UAE with substantial cost savings of upto 8%, improving efficiency, processes, and sustainability objectives for the corporates. Members of the team have been working exponentially to win more awards in 2022, for instance, Corporate Excellence Award 2022 by WeTel TV; Corporate Excellence Award in 2022, Team has also received several other accolades in various verticals.

Lina El Assaad, President International Coaching Federation, ICF UAE Charter Chapter, Mentor  ChallengetoChange ME, and REACH Mentor has won Best Executive Coach & Thought Leader Award 2023. Lina is a highly accomplished leadership and executive coach with over 20 years of experience in supporting global organizations to optimize their performance and develop the human capital.  As a thought leader in the coaching industry, Lina is continuously pushing the boundaries of enhancing organizational efficiency and fostering corporate cultural shifts. As a president of the International Coaching Federation Chapter in UAE, Lina is at the forefront of change management and is leading the advancement of the coaching industry through her visionary leadership and strategic initiatives. She is a regular speaker at international events and is known for her ability to inspire and empower her audience through the effective communication of her knowledge and insights.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by today’s leaders, Lina is committed to empowering her clients to navigate the complexities of the modern business world and achieve sustainable change to lasting success. She is also dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and works closely with women, mentoring and coaching them to reach full potential.

Dr. Chuma Osuchukwu, CEO of Apex Leadership Consult, won the Best Business & Executive Coach Award 2023. He is the author of The Learning Leader and the 5 Perspectives of Change Leadership. His contributions to leadership and coaching include a number of popular leadership models. These include: the NEAR Model (for restoring the dented self-image of leaders); The SUCCEED Model (for navigating change in organisations); SELF AND SOCIAL MATRIX Model (helping leaders to manage themselves during periods of downtimes when there is a discrepancy between how leaders perceive themselves and how public opinion views them), WISE-KUPA Model (An aide for leadership negotiations) and BESPOKE (Persuasion and Influencing framework for leaders). He has coached various leaders, diplomats and C-suite Executives. Among the outstanding individuals are two consecutive Honourable Ministers of Science & Technology (Dr Laz Unaogu & Dr Sam Momah).

Basma Eissa won Young Woman Entreprenuer Award 2023 for her marketing entrepreneurship venture called Triumph Consultancy. Basma is a highly resilient and dedicated entrepreneur, who waded through many challenges and even family opposition to follow her call to independent life. She is a public speaker, an Emcee, and an inspiring woman in business. Basma shared a message for other entrepreneurs, “Don’t be afraid to shine so bright. Believe in yourself enough to reach where you want and remember that you are your own rock!”

Swati Rajpal won the Best Interior Designer Award 2023 for Vogue Interiors. She has been working on impressive projects in the UAE including commercial, office interiors and residential units to build beautiful environment for people. Her creativity peeks through her work, making her stand out in the very crowded interiors design space in the UAE. Swati has won many awards related to her business performance previously as well.

Anjana Vinod won the Woman of Impact & Resilience Award 2023. She is a leading Breast Cancer coach, who believes in transforming mindsets and helping individuals think positively and live life to the fullest. Humility, humanity & selfless giving have been a part of her DNA from the very start of her being. She holds a PHD in incorporating theater in trainings. She is a loving wife, doting mother, a buddy sister, a caring daughter and a woman of substance. She is also a story blogger, who is an epitome of positivity. She believes life happens for a reason and should be enjoyed 100%.

Dr. Reji Kurien Thomas won Leadership Personality Excellence Award 2023. Dr. Reji Kurien Thomas is a radical game-changer in the technology industry and has won countless accolades for his meticulous work which has been a stepping stone in the realms of technology. He has been bestowed with various awards, achievements and recognitions including at the prestigious House of Lords, British Parliament, London in Oct 2022 where he was honored with the award for “Worlds Best emerging Business leader”. Dr. Reji, being a former Naval Commander and an avid aviator, always had a keen interest in frontier technology and sought his education from the best institutes in the world like Stanford University USA, Kent State University USA & IIT Delhi. With a great aptitude for learning, he has obtained several Doctorates, and undertaken pioneering research, in the niche areas of Computer Science, Network Security, Aerospace engineering and Alternative Medicine with a Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility from New York. He has Commanded, directed men and machines, maintained, improved various technologies used on modern advanced platforms. Currently, he is forerunning the technologies of the enterprise Company VIRENXIA.

Dr. Loretta Sanders won the Woman of Substance Award 2023. Dr. Loretta Sanders works to empower, uplift, and encourage those around her with advanced degrees in education, theology, and counseling. She is a great mentor and life coach. Her ability to cultivate change and create a dynamic impact is evident through her transformational coaching and motivational speaking. A published author, multi-awarding winning professional speaker, pastor, mother, grandmother, teacher, counselor and businesswoman. Dr. Loretta personifies, is a phenomenal leader across industries.

She is a pillar in her community, Dr. Loretta can often be found giving to others in need, supporting institutions and individuals in their development, building, and supplying resources for schools and institution. Her global impact extends beyond her social settings and seeps into both the ministry and marketplace. With her diverse skillset in counseling, ministry, education and leadership development, Dr. Loretta Sanders brings about great transformation in institutions, industries and individuals, alike.

Muhammad Azam the Managing Director of LiveEx Shield won the Best Compliance and AML Consultancy Award 2023. LiveEx Shield under his leadership has been operating worldwide since 1999 and winning over clients. The company offers quality services and has been exceeding the expectations of its clients for decades now. It has been working with leading insurance companies, semi GOVT finance companies, and hundreds of DNFBPs and Forex Bureaus. Every day, LiveEx processes millions of transactions across the globe. They are enjoying 95% of their client retainer-ship. LiveEx-Shield screening branded by DowJones Risk and Compliance.

Robin Vermaat, the founder and CEO of RV Consultancy won Best Business Consultancy Award 2023. RV consultancy has succeeded and led the way by making strategic partners from KEZAD Group to WeStore. In 2022 RV Consultancy assured a Strategic Growth Implementation for one of the biggest Warehouse Operators in Dubai and opened in Muscat, Oman, and Jeddah, KSA. They have scaled up 75-80% and growing regionally and internationally by attracting interesting Partners to collaborate with it in the Digitalization Solutions or strong Freight Agents.

Mubin Malick won Excellence in AI & Robotics Award 2023. An energetic visionary entrepreneur, he is the founder of Kiran Smart. He has been innovating the field of AI and Robotics by supplying solutions to major industries such as healthcare and hospitality. His company is based in the GCC and India. Mubin has played life saving role during COVID-19 with this his robot and the team spirit high to achieve the organization objectives. Mubin is well recognized for his contribution in the field of Robotics globally.

Food Masti 108 won the Best Unique & Concept Restaurant Awards 2023. Creating uniqueness and bringing variety in such a competitive environment is certainly not an easy task! We have a Brand now with us in Dubai where under one roof we can experience next level of unique concepts, variety of taste, coverage of Indian Food from North – East – West – South, just as NEWS they have flourished and holding one of the top-notch ratings on social media. Food Masti also known as FM 108 is the first ever concept restaurant in Karama, Dubai offering musical experience, great food options and wonderful unique presentation at an affordable price.

With such great ambience FM108 has introduced their one of the most unique concept of Meal on the Wall, where they take care of the underprivileged via their CSR initiative. Food Masti is a remarkable example of the women empowerment in UAE. It’s an all women venture with complete attention paid to by these women to food quality, service and hospitality. Its team members including Mr Prasad & Mrs Reshmi, Mr Ankit & Mrs Monal, Mr Milton & Mrs Tamara, Mr Vaibhav & Mrs Nisha, Mr Anish Chakraborty, attended the ceremony. Food Masti Restaurant as the Most Unique Concept Restaurant of Dubai, starts another thriving year.


Anish Chakraborty won the Most Versatile Leader Award for 2023. Mr. Anish Chakraborty who does not require a separate introduction in the Field of Shipping and Airline industry. Mr Anish Chakraborty is already a winner of World’s top 40 leaders in shipping Industry by Port of Antwerp in Belgium. Now it’s time for us to acknowledge him as Most Versatile Leader of UAE for his contribution to Logistics Industry and also for his academic angle in assisting the next generation to shine and grow their career.

Mohamed Bali won the Best Leader in CSR Award 2023. Mohamed Bali has been setting great examples for entrepreneur and executives in CSR with score of successful campaigns in the Humaintarian side. An innovative Senior Director adept at developing long-term strategies and executing policies to deliver the aims and objectives of NGOs in a cost-effective manner. A forward thinker adept at leading teams who employs cutting-edge management styles to coach staff to achieve their full potential. He is the CEO of Penny Appeal which was established in 2018.

Mahmoud Ismail won the Technology Innovation Excellence Award 2023. Mahmoud Ismail is a successful entrepreneur with prosperous firms around the world. The nature of his field encompasses delivering large-scale FM contracts, the property development business, Amazon e-commerce startup, and many more. Mac’s prowess lies in international business and relations. While working round the clock, Mac generously gives back to the community. He is an icon for the Gen-Z to pursue sustainable and automated start-ups.

Salwa Wadih Adabashi won the Best Leader in HR Award. Salwa is a prominent personality in HR, Complaince, corporate legal matters, and even helping Startups with investments and funds raising. As a single mom and a successful working woman, she has crossed inevitable hurdles. From surviving 30 years of civil war and rising in male dominated industries, she worked relentlessly in creating an identity for herself. She has over 12 years of experience in her field and she has taken over challenging roles and excelled in them. She has proved to many single mothers out there that they can be a beacon of success and a good mother at the same time. She also aspires to be a symbol for women to venture on fields less travelled and not be threatened.

Sreemanti Gijare won the Health & Wellness Leader Award 2023. Sreemanti is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist registered and attested by KHDA and recognized by dental and medical association of USA and Europe.

She was a Geophysicist by profession and had graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, premier institute of India. She worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years. Sreemanti found her life’s true purpose in healing and hypnotherapy. She uses both subconscious and conscious level techniques to help her clients pulverize their blocks and be the best version of themselves.

She has worked successfully on clients with issues from Weight loss to cessation to smoking/drinking, Phobias to Allergies, Diabetes to Migraine, Thyroid to Chronic pains, IBS to Menstrual pain, Snoring to Motion Sickness, Panic Attacks to Depression, Cysts to Stones, the list goes on. HealingWithSree her company is based in Dubai with clients in the US, UK, Sweden, Singapore, India, Australia and UAE.


Oyindamola Ossi won the Best Emerging Leader in HR award 2023. Oyindamola over the years has grown to become an authentic leader in the corporate world where she serves as a Global HR Professional leading 200+ talents in 18 Countries, helping high performing talents maximize their skills set to achieve business objectives. She is currently using the leadership skills garnered over the years to lead and help African professionals thrive in the global world of work through her company Career Ready Africa.

Oyindamola through her ever-emerging leadership skills is a major contributor to the development of people in UAE and in Africa. This award if given to her will be a great recognition and further fuel her energy to continue to lead and add value to people.

Soha Chahine won the Best Corporate Coach & Trainer Award 2023. Soha is a real change agent and a person who is passionate about Human nature, Emotional intelligence and cultural diversity & inclusion, her aim is to assist professionals and leaders in developing their EI to enhance performance, career potential, lead and succeed. She has previously won award of Excellence as best Career Coach & Emotional Intelligence Coach in 2022: BeingShe Excellence 2022 – Women Social Empowerment Organization. She has received the ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation in 2022. She has also been featured as one of the Top 5 Best Career Coaches in Dubai in 2022.

Ayesha Khan won the Changemaker of the Year 2023 Award. She is the founder of Food ATM a social impact organization formed in the UAE to support the lesser[1]privileged lower-income workers & communities with daily meals at Aed 3/- per meal. She has received Guinness World Record 2021 for feeding maximum number of meals to the lower-income workers within 8 hours. She is Board of Director at United Nations Global Compact, UAE for tenure 2022 to 2025. She states, “Greatest achievement for myself and Food-ATM will always be the positive impact that we make for the needy humans, whom we are feeding each day of our lives”.



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