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Perfection in The British Royal Wedding

This is a state that every human being strives to reach and gain in life. We always want the perfect husband the perfect family, wife, job and life, but nothing is ever perfect in this life. This has been proven true from the Royal Wedding. For the royal family, perfection is an everyday occurrence and the royal wedding was no exception.  Everything about it was moulded, crafted and designed to sheer perfection. The itinerary must have been planned for months, the guests had to RSVP in good time and of course it wasn’t attended by any Tom Dick and Harry.  Let’s not forget Megan’s wedding dress which was designed by Claire Waight Keller, one of the best wedding gown designers globally.

As everyone will go on and on about the wedding details, from the meals served, the guests, photography and royal traditions followed. I choose to ask a question no one else is asking, how did Megan feel about her own father not attending the wedding? There have been countless speculations about the different reasons why he chose not to show up. It of course led the paparazzi to dig up Megan’s history and relationship with her father. As much as this makes one juicy grapevine story, it screams imperfection.

Rumors have been circulating the web about Megan’s relationship with her father. But the facts remain the same; Thomas Markel did not attend the wedding. Reports later confirmed that he had heart a serious heart condition that would not permit him to travel. With other rumors about Thomas never meeting Prince Harry while the two dated, it’s still very unclear to the world if there is more to the story that meets the eye.

It’s every little girl’s dream to get married to a Prince. We all play with our dolls, play dress up with old veils covering our heads and make flimsy curtseys as we get married to our prince charming. This of course is a well known pipe dream once we grow up, we realize there are very few Prince’s in the world. For Megan Markel to be married to royalty, not only meet the Queen but have the chance to be related to her, she becomes the envy of many little girls. But her perfect well crafted wedding had a glitch that even the Queen did not anticipate.

She was attended to by the very best in preparations to the wedding. She had no choice but to look flawless in her wedding dress and Princess Tiara. The who’s who in the world attended the royal wedding and wearing a gracious smile was not an option for her but more of a requirement. As much as I cannot speak for Megan, I can only speculate. The absence of a parent in any wedding whether royal or not cannot be easy. And as she walked down the aisle in an elegant wedding gown and embracing her new beginning, it was only almost perfect for her. Nothing in life is perfect.

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