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My love for food versus Diets

The best part about growing up in the subcontinent is being exposed to the delicious diverse cuisine. Unlike the popular belief in the West, our food is not just ‘spicy curries,’ it is much more. The food that I grew up with, is a beautiful blend of complex spices and flavors that are meant to bring happiness, joy and positivity in our lives. That’s why I say your partner may not always make you happy but surely food will! 😉

Due to my love for food and undying passion for being lazy and procrastinating, I have always oscillated between being fluffy and being sort of chubby. Having that flat tummy like Deepika Padukone or Shilpa Shetty (seriously Google them, if you live under a rock) is like a distant dream that I am not even sure if I want to achieve. However, I have always had desi mentality to the rescue. The uncles and aunties in the society have never failed to remind me of how ugly my happy fluff looks. Growing up I always thought fluffy is cute, but these people have done a good job as myth busters and introducing me to the real world.

tea 225x300 - My love for food versus DietsOne day I decided to embark on the journey to weight loss. Throughout my life, I have done several types of diets, followed different nutritionists, read diet books and even ended up taking an entire course of eating healthy eating on Coursera and became a pseudo certified nutritionist, which by the way helped me a lot in showing off in social gatherings and people generally did seemed to be impressed with my passion and little knowledge that I acquired over time. But their impression would always go in vain when they would watch me adoring the biryani.

All the crazy diets and lifestyle regimes that I have tried, helped me lose weight momentarily. However, the repercussions were catastrophic. I would often get super weak and faint or would get sick to the point that my parents had to yell at me and put a pin on my new obsession. Later, I would eat more to make up for my lost health which would make me cute and fluffy again. However, two things that were always common between all these diets:

  1. These diets are always expensive.
  2. No matter what you do, the results are always temporary.

Thanks to the technological advancements, now before starting any new diet or embarking on the journey to healthy eating I always Google the pros and cons. Things get even more complicated from there. It’s like these “experts” are the pro in being indecisive. At first, they said let’s add more dairy in diet but then they decided against it because of all the added hormones and apparently humans were not even supposed to drink cow’s milk at first place, and then they changed their minds again. Similarly, at first the superfoods were healthy and improved your metabolism, but they changed their minds about that as well. I finally understand how Pluto must feel when scientists keep changing our minds about its status as a planet! Sorry Pluto

skewers 300x225 - My love for food versus Diets

Things got even more complicated when the fad diets started trending. After Cabbage Soup diet broke my heart and made my taste buds weep I decided to move towards Atkins Diet, where eating yummy carbs was helping me lose weight but then the doctors said it is not healthy and have adverse long-term effects. Then the world was introduced to Paleo diet, which to be honest seemed like a copy-paste version of Atkins with more fancy jargons and recently Ketogenic Diet jumped the wagon. Similarly, at one point we were taught to eat small meals and never skip the breakfast but Intermittent fasting thought otherwise.

The bottom line of my rant is that we need to stop jumping from one diet wagon to another. We all have different body types and it is high time that we learn to embrace our bodies, love it and do not think too much about looking like a celebrity or having 8 packs. Typically, these fad diets are designed for individuals who are battling some sort of condition. Therefore, always consult a doctor before starting any of these crazy diets. Believe me, I have learned my lesson the hard way!

Those who fat/thin shame you are the ones who need a reality check, not you! If you truly want to be healthy just stay active, enjoy the local produce, eat wisely and enjoy life. As long as, you are healthy and not at any health risk it does not matter what size you are.


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