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Measures of Success

I often wonder if I am truly successful in life? Sure, I am educated and have a sound future ahead of me. I am smarter than the younger version of me and have mastered the art of getting in and out of more troublesome situations. But I wonder how do we really measure success?

Most of my teachers in Computer Science advised me to stay in this field, it will bring in more money and therefore it will make you successful. But the same teachers taught me Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which says every individual strives to achieve the “self-actualization” stage. It does not truly specify a certain career path and/or capital acquired. But talks more about the fulfillment of one’s talents and potentials. Consistent learning and positive mindset may bring great change in your life. In order to sustain a sense of direction and make consistent learning possible, it is best to have a life coach. If you are looking for life coaches in Dubai I recommend going to The CoachLink today! It will help you find the best life coach you need!

After asking zillion redundant questions and a lot of drama I decided to follow my heart and chose the world of nonprofit and social enterprise. Now the masters have warned me that I may never be able to be a wealthy person, but I will surely feel more content and make a difference in this world! Some individuals respect my profession and others wonder if I have any desire left to be successful in this life.

Moving away from the professional front, the society does not exactly consider a cute, fluffy, thirty-something spinster, who does not shy away from telling her true age, a successful woman either. In a nutshell, these standards are so confusing and baffle my mind. Unfortunately, “what will people say/think” seems to be the biggest and incurable pandemic in this world. So, after some soul-searching and researching (read Googling) I came up with certain measures of success. These factors may not fit the conventional societal scale points but focusing on these indicators will lead to genuine well-being and create a balance in your life.

1.      Your Impact on others

My mother always says, respect others to earn respect. But at the end of the day, it is not just about the respect. The best way to achieve a lasting impact is creating a positive influence on others. It feels good to be a source of positive energy on others, to be kind, understanding and to be empathic. Create an environment of positivity around you and chose to stay happy.

2.      Making amends and build stronger relations

To me, my relationship with my family and friends are the most valuable intangible assets. I have made mistakes in the past and will continue to do so. However, moving above those dark times, making amends and coming out stronger than before are the true achievements for me. Wherever I go, I always make a point of getting to know people and establish new relationships. This helps me in creating my own safety net, I am blessed with so many people in my life who love me, respect me and cherish me. This makes my world a happier place and this intrinsic social network gives me a sense of belongingness.

3.      Create your own standards

The biggest mistakes we make are comparing ourselves to others and measuring our success based on their scale. Everyone has different methods of finding contentment. Do some soul searching and decide what is important for you! Come up with the factors and create a scale that helps you in measuring your progress and helps you in achieving your self-actualization.

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