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Lara Tabet Receives the Global Influencer Award for 2018

Lara Tabet is a woman of the modern era who has contributed a lot in the fields of media, fashion and hospitality. She is a representative speaker of Arab Fashion Council, a well-known fashion ambassador and development manager at G. Hospitality. She is one of the most idealistic personalities for all women around the globe. Her dedication and passion for what she does, drove her to the peaks of success. Her optimism towards everything makes her cherish and enjoy every moment.

As a reward to her contributions, Lara has received Global Influencer Award 2018 in a ceremony held at Burj Al Arab Dubai. The honor to hand over the award was by Mr. Anthony Tunstall, who came all the way from The United States to Dubai.

Apart from her job she is a wonderful daughter, wife and a mother. She gave her best in all these aspects. Lara is a marvelous mother of two handsome sons, of age 19 and 20. Just like any other ordinary mother, she feels joy in spending quality time with her family. She has to have one meal with her family every day no matter how busy she is, it is something religious for her. Along with her kids, her husband is way much supportive, because of his admirable support she manages her professional and marital life at the same time.

She also does a lot of charity it is what that brings her the most satisfaction. Watching people smile because of her is the most delighted gesture that brings her pleasure. I believe that her association in helping with charities and childcare centers account for her patience because she must remain humble and self-controlled when dealing with children and homeless people. She achieved many things, and also withstand many inevitable realities. She is an open-minded woman because she knows in order to contribute ideas and to have an effect on something or someone, it is important to have a broader view. Indeed, Lara Tabet always appears to go the extra mile. She constantly sought to improve many charities with her diligence and open-mindedness.

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