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Famous Portrait Artists with an Edge

Are you new to the art scene? I am sure a few contemporary portrait artists may give you ample inspiration to find your muse in portrait art. Dubai is known for promoting art and culture. All year round there are several exhibitions and cultural festivals that sustain the interest of the residents as well as the tourists to secure a unique space for Dubai as the most happening city with art events. Here are a few interesting facts about portrait artists in Dubai that might help you review where you stand as a beginner:

Suzi Nassif:

Suzi Nassif is a great Lebanese artist based in Dubai who is known for her creative portrait art. Her works have secured her several awards and accolades. She hosts a yearly exhibit in Coya Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai that exhibits her latest works for a month. She has been revered for her amazing portraits of Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Marlene Monroe, Freddy Mercury, Hallyday, Iris Apfel and many other renowned people. She brings her own signature meaning to each of her portraits and is considered a surrealist artist. She uses sharp colors and great blend of gold in many of her portraits. To review more of her works, you may several portraits on her website in Faces and Phases Gallery. Her new collection of art prints on beautiful kimonos are the state of the art wearable artworks that have surprised the who city with creativity.

Portrait of Iris Apfel by Suzi Nassif

Saeed Khalifa:

Saeed Khalifa is self-taught artist who is considered great in terms of visual art. He is an expert in digital photography and has shot many beautiful portraits. Unlike Suzi Nassif, he is known for his photography. Suzi Nassif is known for her acrylic on canvas paintings. He held his first exhibit in 2001 that is many years before Suzi did hers.

Maisoon Al Saleh:

Maisoon is revered for her great surrealist art. He is an Emirati portrait artist. He uses different mediums for his art. He has used acrylic on canvas, he has worked on fiberglass and has created many portraits with mixed media. His works are very diverse. He has also reacted artworks underwater and takes the lead in doing that. His works show his talents very openly. Maisoon has the touch of surrealism in common with Suzi Nassif. However, his style of painting is very different from her. Both artists have their own way of presenting their concepts and that makes both of them definitely very unique and interesting for their audience.

Dubai brags about its achievements and restoring the status of art to its current prestige is another achievement of this city. The world perceives Dubai as an art hub as artists from all over the world fly to participate and exhibit in Art Dubai and many other cultural activities. This allows them to showcase their works to diverse audience and win their claim to fame.

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