5 Celebrity Couples who are giving us Major Relationship Goals

5 Celebrity Couples who are giving us Major Relationship Goals

It looks nice when celebrity couples do romantic things together in a loving and fun way that leaves many of us in awe. When we look at them they make us smile, it looks interesting to us when we see them go on romantic getaways together. Sometime they get lavish gets from their fans or family and we just wish that this was the same to our lifestyle. Celebrity couples look elegant when they walk on the red carpet when going to receive their awards. It even gets more fascinating to us when they thank their spouse when making their acceptance speech.

Here below we take a look at some five celebrity couples who are giving us major relationship goals:

  1. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

When Blake and Ryan Reynolds got married everybody felt happy for them and things even got more interesting when they got their baby girl. They look so lovely when they are together and how they relate to each other is just charming to us. We get relationship goals from this celebrity couple by looking at the way they balance their professional and personal lives. It just seems effortless and not a big deal for celebrities to get married to each other!

  1. Adam Brody and Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody were so naturally connected that it came as no surprise when they ended up being an item. Leighton is a celebrity who starred on the TV series Gossip Girl that depicted rich prep school teens living on the upper east side of Manhattan. Leighton on his part starred on O.C. a series that depicted rich teenagers residing in Orange County, California. This celebrity couple is very reserved and have now sired a child something that actually gives us a relationship goal.

  1. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

These are perhaps the longest lasting celebrity couple you will find in Hollywood. They are legends in the game but they have remained true to their relationship over the years. Their relationship remains very pure and untainted and this is something that gives their fans relationship goals. We can see from their lifestyle that being a celebrity couple comes with lots of challenges but with will and resilience it is possible. The bottom line is never to give up on each other.

  1. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris

Superstar singer Taylor Swift and her DJ boyfriend look perfect together and it is very clear that they love each other. The couple has really shown their fans that a relationship needs to be pure and true. You look at how they relate with each other and you just wish the same was between you and your partner.

  1. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

These are county superstars who have now been married for years. The duet ‘I need you’ they released is a romantic song that goes to prove the unconditional love the have got for each other. Apart from just being lovers, they are also proud parents who are humble.

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