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Is Your Marriage Working Fine

Nothing in this world is perfect not even the relationships. Every relationship has problems even the ones appearing very perfect. It is because of lack of attention or because of the non-serious behavior of a husband that a thriving relationship might have hiccups. He may forget the dates which hold a lot of importance to you or may refuse to help you around the house. Whatever the conflict is it’s better to communicate before it is too late. It is very healthy for your emotional satisfaction and sanity.

Communication problems in relationship make things more complicated and affect the behavior of your mate deeply. Altering your approach may effectively change the circumstances. It is very important to use positive or constructive communication so that the troubles in your marriage may not eventually turn into some trouble. Therefore, the real trick over here is how to tackle these problems to safeguard your marriage. I will elaborate on some simple solutions to common problems that you may face frequently.

Helping around the house

One of the major problems which is faced by working women now-a-days is work management. Even after coming from job of 8 hours you have to cook meal and all other tasks of home, which makes you frustrated and you are left with no energy to spend some quality time with your partner. I know this is common. A great idea is to have all the task of home divided equally among both partners so that it is not hectic for either of you. This puts both of the partners on ease and saves sufficient time, which you may spend together.

Fights over small things

When your husband tends to pick up fights on necessary things it is because of work load or maybe he is stressed about something. So the best thing to avoid this situation is to communicate constructively and avoiding aggression. Aggression will add to negativity, while constructive discussion will sort things out faster.

Spending little or too much

If your husband has spending problem try to avoid conversations based on money whenever he is angry. When an individual is tempted with anger he listens less and responds more. So talk about the financial goals with your companion when he is in a good mood and stick firmly with to a plan. It will help you manage financial issues without hostility.

Coming late constantly

It is very frustrating to put up with someone who always makes you wait. But if you want your marriage to work out it is very important to know the reason of his late comings. May be he has some issue at work or he is unable to manage things appropriately; try to figure out the problem when you are done distinguishing the problem. It will be a lot easier for both of you to work on it.


The pressure of family and work sometimes make you feel that you have lost that charm or connection to your partner you once had. I suggest you to give your selves 10 minutes of each day to tell what’s going on with you both, but it is better to keep your expectations a little bit realistic. Accept that no one is perfect; you both have to make some adjustments to live happily.

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