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How to get over someone?

We all know that breakups are hard and overwhelming. The worst parts are going through all those complicated emotions while dealing with the aftermath of the breakup. During this hurtful process, the most common advice you get is to ‘move on.’ Unfortunately, that is the hardest part. I mean how could one person just simply get over and move on from a relationship they have invested so much and probably have created a whole new life around it? Believe me, getting over and moving on is the hardest thing to do. On the bright side, once you do manage to do that your life becomes better than ever. You must hire a coach if you find it overwhelming. There are hundreds of certified life coaches in Dubai to help you on with your life after breakup. Here are some of the tried and tested tips of moving on and building a better life for yourself:

1.      Acknowledge the breakup and let yourself feel all those emotions

Going through the break up is shocking. It is OK to cry and be angry about it, but you need to accept that this is over now. Although, it is wise to strive to make amendments and see if both partners can come up with a compromise. But if one of the parties have already made up their mind or are on an ego trip then it is best to let go of them. Take it as the death of your loved one, you can cry about it, be angry, yell and reach out. It is perfectly fine to be human about it, just do not resort to violence.

2.      Make a To-Do list and get busy

The best part about being out of the relationship is more time for yourself and your loved ones. Sure, we all would rather indulge in ice-cream and be fluffy for a while but unfortunately, other things that need to be done. For instance, catching up with friends or getting a new hobby or even being proactive at work (I know this is a hard one). The point is, now that you do not have a significant other to monopolize your time so let your friends, hobby, work or your favorite TV show do that for you. Once your mind is busy you tend to think less about the past.

3.      Let your loved ones help you

Once your significant other stops monopolizing your time, you get to see that you have a plethora of the support system. All you must do is reach out to them and share, this way you will be able to vent out and get a lot of positive energy through your family and friends. The worst mistake to do is staying hidden and mourning silently because you fear being judged by people and/or made fun of.

4.      Turn your energy into something positive

Although being a couch potato and binge-watching your favorite TV show while enjoying all the carbs is a good thing to do initially, but at one point you need to get up and move on with your life. If you are unable to do so then reach out to your friends and force yourself to socialize. If not, then start a new routine and push yourself to do that. I am probably the worst person to write this, considering I am slacking on my work-out regime, but exercise is an excellent catalyst to recovery, it will help you clear your mind and reduce stress. Moreover, even cooking and volunteering can be very therapeutic too. A love and relationship coach from The CoachLink could be of good use to you to help you move on!

5.      Forgive them and do not hold on to your anger

The final stage of moving on is forgiveness (but do not forget the lessons learned). Let go of the anger and forgive your ex, not because they deserve it but do it for your sanity. Holding on to the anger or grudge will simply make it harder for you to move on. However, forgiving them will bring you peace and energy to move on to the greater things in life and finally say thank you, next!

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