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7 Kissing Styles That Decode Your Relationship

A kiss is usually a very powerful act and it has got many different meanings; it can show love, sexual desire & lust, or simply as a form of greeting in certain cultures. A kiss is usually so intense and can be emotional as well. For some it is a way for them to convey emotions that words will not express. A kiss is also a special way to be close to someone that you love and care for. So in the context of a romantic relationship, what does the kissing style of a partner tell about your better half? Here below we have sampled for you the 7 kissing styles that decode your relationship:

  1. The Forehead kiss

Giving a peck on the forehead of a loved one is one surest way to express your fondness to them. It shows that you love them, respect and care for them. When your man kisses you on your forehead it signifies that he is protective of you and is assuring you that he will not hurt you in a caring and gentle way. A peck on the forehead also indicates trust.

  1. A kiss on the hand

A kiss on the hand is usually general and can construe many things especially if it is coming from a special someone. If you are getting it from a guy you have been hanging around with as just friends, it could mean that they are interested in taking it to the next level! A kiss on the hand is usually passionate and shows that the other person really admires and wishes to be with you. Indeed kiss on the hand even though appearing simple can have a much deeper meaning not to be underrated from by the person receiving it.

  1. Kiss on the earlobe

A kiss on the earlobe is not casual and is mostly practiced by people in love and it can indicate that the person giving it is ready for some romance. A kiss on the earlobe can really escalate things and make you to want to get active sexually!

  1. French kiss

A French kiss is the most popular kiss amongst lovers who completely in love with each other. It is usually practiced by couples who are very comfortable with each other and ready to explore each other. This kind of kissing is usually accompanied with lots of touching and all those lovemaking foreplay. It simply means that you are ready to enjoy each other!

  1. The cheek kiss

This one is usually a platonic kiss which may mean that your partner is concerned about you or is simply just caring about you. It is usually quick and barely accompanied with any contact to make things really serious. The partner that gives it may just be showing affection, friendship and support to you.

  1. The single lip kiss

His kind of kiss involves kissing either the lower or upper lip of a partner. It signifies that the giver of the kiss wants some sex action and is already passionate, lusting and horny!

  1. Neck kiss

Kiss on the neck usually turns on many people and may signify that the person giving it is in for some action between the sheets!

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