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6 ways to be loved by all

Is there someone you can turn to in times of need and you say to them “you understand me”? Anyone with strong interpersonal intelligence is able to recognize a distinct behavior of others and appreciate people with multiple perspectives. Most of us are awful at listening skills. One of the modern day problems is short attention span. While the focus is the key to listening, focusing on other people becomes the rarest. A huge number of employees quit their employment positions because their bosses failed to listen to them.

Primarily love yourself first

Do you believe in your own extraordinary qualities? If yes, then you can spread this to someone else. The external phrases of love simply don’t get through to others if they don’t see it in you. If you hold to love, you can deflect it. In order to have an enduring relationship with others, you have to begin with yourself.

Do you find love in every situation? 

Suppose a conflict arises at your place of work how do you go about it? You have to choose the route of love. Embody love in your life. When you expand your capacity to express that love you become a walking and talking vision of love. Love should be a motivating factor whenever you are providing feedback to coworkers and friends. You are a treasure if you handle emotions with respect.

Do you give for the sake of giving? 

If you are giving and then expecting something in return, it will be difficult for people to love you back. Giving without expectations begins to attract people in your life because of your generous behavior. Real love is unconditional because it does not depend on what you give to others. When you join a volunteer group, it helps increase your interpersonal intelligence.

Let people fix their own problems. 

Do you know that people are more resourceful than we think? Give them time to look for their own solutions. We are conditioned to believe we have to fix other people’s problems. One of the relationship goals is that each person should maintain their individuality.

Check body language. 

During conversations try to maintain eye contact. Body language delivers a specific message to people we are talking to. We may not deliver a message through spoken or written word but gestures, movements, and facial expressions will supplement what you say. Looking at someone straight in the eye depicts you are giving them attention.

Do you review your friend’s mistakes?

Slip-ups are real in life. You have to accept when a colleague or friend make mistakes it contributes to their personal as well as organizational learning. Let your friends use their mistake to recover and grow. Lifetime learning is one of the Relationship goals that keep their intellect sharp. Mistakes can strain relationships especially if you keep reminding someone of what they did in the past.

Finally, you have to listen for people to reciprocate. In fact, they not only listen back but also develop trust in you. Any average person given a hearing believes they are loved.


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