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6 Signs He Wants Love for Life

When you are in a relationship and dating a guy, planning your whole life with him, it is important to know his earnestness is real. His intentions decide future. You must be careful in judging his seriousness about the relationship. He should not be simply just passing his time with you. If you want a healthy and long-lasting relationship, following 6 sign that can help to ensure that your partner is interested in you and really loves you.

  1. He shares his feelings openly

If you are dating and want to indicate that your partner is equally concerned for this relationship then you will notice that he is open and confides in you. He shares his feelings with you. He feels comfortable in your company and shares his past with you. When he starts revealing his thoughts, you will start finding honesty in him and so can develop trust. Trust is everything that you need in a pure relationship which lasts long and provide you comfort at every level.

  1. Opens you to his family and friends

He starts introducing you to the circle of his friends and family. When he starts inviting you to the parties and family gatherings and give you respect and priority there, this clearly shows that he has an interest in you and want to be with you in the relationship. This means that he wants you to be the part of his most important people and showing you in front of his friends an important part too. This is a clear indication that he has feelings for you and you are more important to him.

  1. He discusses future with you

An interesting and important indication of the purity level of the relationship is that he keeps on talking to you and discussing the future with you. He seems exciting while telling you his plans for you. For example, he talks about having kids one day and the names of kids, marriage plans and much more. These signs show that he is serious regarding the relationship and want to stay with you forever.

  1. He pays clear attention

He pays attention to all little things that can swing your mood both positively and negatively. He will remember what you like or dislike, he gives you little surprises and keeps you at the top of his priority list. He asks you questions and wants you to share what you think about you. He needs your attention and wants to spend as much time as possible.

  1. He acts kindly when around you

He cares for you and does the things that show his care and dedication towards the relationship. He surprises you with your favorite cake or chocolate. He always does actions that make you smile all the time and wishes you every morning and every night. He supports you in every matter and never let you feel alone. This shows that he puts your needs and your desires before his and give you priority, means he is serious for the relationship and wants to save it thoroughly out the way.

  1. He is always in touch with you

He keeps in touch with you all the day to know about yourself. He calls you and text you to make you feel special and realize you that you are important for him. These are clear indications of his pure intentions and love he has for you in his heart.

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