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5 Signs That You are in the Wrong Relationship

A relationship is supposed to bring you joy and satisfaction with your partner. It should be a sweet and a nice thing to be loved with that special someone that you cherish. This is why you should never accept to be in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you or one that leaves you empty and bitter. Here are some 5 signs that should tell you that in fact you are in the wrong relationship and need to call it quits before it is too late for you.

  1. Abuse:

if your partner abuses in any way be it physically, emotionally, or even verbally this is a sign that you are in a wrong relationship that you shouldn’t be in. if a person really loves you that person should not mistreat you by abusing you in any way. A person who loves another will take care of that person in a way that that is satisfactory and loving. You should never continue being in an abusive relationship thinking that your partner will change. Chances of an abusive person changing are usually very minimal so it is better for you to quit.

  1. When there is constant fighting:

you are certainly in a wrong relationship if you are constantly fighting with your partner. A relationship is a beautiful thing where the partners involved need to cherish, love and support each other. When there are constant fights then it means you are not getting along and need to leave each other.

  1. If you blame each other:

if you and your partner constantly blame each other for issues arising in the relationship it is a good sign that you are in a wrong relationship. The blames and counter blames are never healthy things in a relationship and are usually a red flag for a negative thing coming. It is better you quit a relationship that you constantly blame each other if you can’t work out things together for the peace and understanding in the relationship.

  1. If you feel contempt:

if you don’t feel love for your partner anymore or if the actions of your partner leave you feeling hatred and contempt towards them, it is a sign that all is not well. A healthy relationship need not harbor bitter feelings and resentment or fear. If these are your feelings in your current relationship then you need to take stock of it and evaluate it to see if you are worth carrying on with it.

  1. You have lost interest in it:

if you aren’t interested in the relationship anymore or if you feel that your partner pisses you off all the time. This is a good sign that you are in the wrong relationship. Your lack of interest in the relationship may due to some negatives things your partner may be doing to you. If you can’t work out things it is better you quit the relationship and find someone else who will make you happy.

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