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4 Reasons Why First Love is Special

For many people especially the ladies first love is usually so special to them and it can take too long for them to forget and move on. Indeed when you reminisce on those moments you spent with your first love the images just remain engraved in your mind. There are just so many reasons why first love is usually so special to many people out there. Here are some reasons why first love is usually amazing and unforgettable:

Because it is the first time you are in love

Everything about first love is usually just pleasing to remember and if you reminisce on your first hug, kisses, cuddles, and sex you feel happy. A first love is whole new experience for you and new experiences to people is usually interesting and so is your first love. You enter your first relationship with your first love when you are innocent and pure. This makes you immerse yourself in everything that love has to offer you and thus makes it so very special and cool. It is during your first love that you experience the thrill of loving and to be loved back! It is just a whole new exciting experience for everyone.

Because we simply don’t care

Mostly the first time when you fall in love, you are still young, innocent and naïve pure from any betrayals and deceit. This makes us dive into relationship with our whole selves without any precautions thus making the love 100% true and real! When you are still young you probably still don’t have any responsibilities such as having to pay for rent, utility bills etc this gives you the opportunity to immerse your whole mind, soul and body into your relationship. This makes the relationship so special for you and your partner and thus it will remain in your memories for a very long time, sometimes possibly for the rest of your life.

First love makes people believe that they are a perfect couple

Loving for the first time may give you the false hope that you are a perfect couple who will last forever together. When reality finally knocks on your relationship door is when you realize that you were living in a fantasy world. A breakup may ruin your hopes and make your fantasies fade way but the memories of the good days with your first love will remain. This is what makes a first love so very special to many people out there.

First love is usually emotionally intense

People usually feel so excited when being loved for the first time in their lives and this experience forever remains engraved in their minds. First love is usually emotionally intense and sometimes disagreements may erupt but you will still manage to reach common ground. The memories of a first love and the exciting experiences that come with it notwithstanding just make reminiscing on your first lover a different kind of thing. Indeed nothing remains so special for many people out there like a first love.

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