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Who loves black and white art?

Would you choose to paint in black and white in an era where people are mesmerized by high energy colors such as orange? Even though drawing in black and white seem like a drag, many artists still choose to draw strong eye-catching black and white portrait art pieces. Many people love black and white art. There is a lot to like about black and white art.

Drawing isn’t easy. You may try it for a decade but still feel like you haven’t mastered a thing. Nevertheless, if want to learn how to draw, sketching in black and white is an awesome way to do it. Furthermore, use of color is distracting if you’re new in the field. Black and white painting makes life a little easier. To successfully commission a portrait painting, you need to find the right artist and personality. Because every monochrome portrait is unique, each commission revolves around the size of canvas, based on the surroundings, context and the desired location.

Here is a black and white portrait by famous artist Suzi Nassif

black and white art

Depending on whether you are using paint, charcoal, pencil or ink, you can create a striking black and white painting. Such a portrait is strong, punchy and gritty and over the top in the right ways. There are numerous, fun, and interesting subjects to sketch. You can paint trees, portraits, love, hands and much more.

What gives the intrigue, desire and relevancy for black and white portrait art?

Because it enhances the subject’s features while creating a clearer picture of it. This helps the viewer focus on the other aspects of the photo like texture, composition, subject, and pattern.

There is something appealing to a black and white painting, is its timeless equality.  A black and white image is not only breathtaking but also striking, engaging and moody. Proponents of black and white portrait art see it as art in its purest form. The portrait has a classy look! When the color is removed emphasis quickly shifts to the elements in the painting.

I don’t know but when you grow older you become fond of being pictured in a black and white.

The famous Spanish art Picasso was firm with his black and white painting artwork. In his life long career he tried to strip color from his paintings. To him it was all about design and the messaging. And that color is secondary in a drawing. He wanted his viewers to radical search what was hidden in the structure of his painting. Guernica black and white painting is one Picasso’s most famous pieces of art. It showed the tragedies of war and the afflictions suffered by the innocent masses. Guernica painting was able to bring the world’s attention to Spanish World War. The Guernica remains a symbol of protest painting.

The practice of drawing black and white helps an artist to grow. In general artists who struggle with color love black and white painting. As an artist, you want to experiment with various lighting scenarios making black and white a perfect choice.  Artist who would wish to master techniques of shading and realism can take advantage of black and white.

A beginner in panting can take advantage of black and white to identify shadows and highlights to represent them through neutral color palette. As a novice you have to struggle with the core principles of color in art.

All in all, a black and white art is monochrome you cannot ignore because of its strong stance. It drips with emotions. Now you now some of the reasons most artists still enjoy creating without color. Despite having vibrant colors out there in the world black and white art will never die out. It’s your own prerogative though to either paint in black and white or color.


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