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Black and White Art

Art is known to enhance discipline in a person, most consider that art has a strong connection to other disciplines and careers such as designing, music, architects and engineering. The Artists’ creativity portrays how the laws of physics are appreciated, physics has been used to help one understand, utilize, and experiment with their materials in the name of talent. The development and evolution of both fields have shown a great immense of support for each other.
For most art lovers their love for art only covers the movements that mostly cover colored pieces. Artists can choose a variety of colors when painting a piece which in turn allows them to express their individuality, flare and also create their trademark.
There are conspiracies (for lack of a better term) that state that art has evolved from the monochromatic color scheme (which is the use of one color such as maroon) to black and white which most believe should not be termed as colors and to the use of various colors in a piece to communicate the artist’s creativity.
Some of the artists and art lovers in the art world prefer black and white paintings because it enables them to concentrate on the composition, form, and value of the piece while the viewers focus and appreciate your piece as a whole.
Some of the talented artists that are known for their contribution to this unique movement include:
a) Suzi Nassif – An award-winning artist whose pieces speak for themselves and who is blessed by role models such as Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso. Their influence is present in her pieces that include the scream, Gracious, and in the name of hope make it known that every movement she tries her hand in is amazing.

b) Maria Roosen – She is known for famous for her pieces such as curtains. Her work has been published on outlets such as Black and White – Symbolic meaning in art and design among others.

c) Bharat Thakur – known for his piece the smell of fear, most art lovers believe that his artwork can paint a poem into an abstract that recites how fear feels to one.

d) Bhuwal Prasad – based in India, Bhuwal Prasad work include pieces such as the Attic Posture. Bhuwal believes that nature, culture and social clauses are related with what occurs in the human mind.

e) Prabin Kumar Nath – His artwork is believed to be Inspired by his simple but yet speedy lifestyle. His pieces speak about the crises that people face every day from poverty to bereavement, he captures all forms of emotions on his canvas. Some of his pieces include the drawing.

In this contemporary age, one can pair a cleaner version of white with a modern touch of contemporary black which creates a timeless feel to every art lover and space.
Always remember that in whichever form, a painting is a form of self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he or she is. (quote by Jackson Pollock)

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