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Versatile Entrepreneur, Lynette Lobo Shares her Story

Ayesha Zulfiqar spoke with Lynette Lobo a well-known Entrepreneur and Co-producer in Dubai, who is making big in the arena of Business trade, Digital marketing, Luxury Retail, Fashion lifestyle and Celebrity/Corporate events. She is a travel and style expert. As a Business Entrepreneur and Fashion icon, she has made her name globally. Here are some insights into her journey.

More about Lynette Lobo?

Lynette was certified as a Hollywood make-up artist by esteemed Marvie Beck Make Up School and has been an avid fashion stylist for over 27 years. She has won 10 awards for business excellence and honourable recognitions for the same, and well as been invited to grace many Fashion and Business events as an Honourable Jury and VIP guest of honour. She is a renouned public figure, and a brand ambassador for her luxury retail brand- “DAZZLE YOUR STYLE”. She is a Co-producer with Avighna Productions in making short films with a Social Cause. The movies released recently are Burn, Chords of love and Dance Battle 2022. She has been featured in 3 women’s business magazines in 2021 and is also Co-Author of a book “Who moved my Heels”.

She is a strong believer in spirituality. She is an artist who is very creative and loves painting. She is a photographer by passion and movie co-producer as a good business investor and as a passion also. As a global business expert with extensive cross-cultural experience, excellent communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills, Lynette Lobo is the CEO and Founder of five companies:
– Dazzle vici international
– Vici vista global services
– Dazzle your style
– Dazzle your moments
– Dazzle your travel

What were the motivating triggers towards becoming an entrepreneur in fashion and events space? What is Lynette Lobo’s journey like?

As of 2019, Lynette ended her aerospace career in Emirates Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. She received with honours a Master’s degree in International Business Management from UCAM, Spain along with a double Creditation Diploma from Cambridge University, UK. Besides this, she was a top student in her Digital Marketing course at The International Innomind Digital Academy. Lynette is a Women Empowerment Ambassador with Deuchakar group of companies and a head of the program in Canada, as well as co-representative in the UAE and UK. She also works with women empowerment programmes with Women in Business International, to provide women with business licenses, to plan and develop their businesses and provide them with an official platform to sell their products in the UAE. She takes pleasure in assisting women who are so highly qualified with Masters degrees and doctorates but have given up their careers to look after their children. She helps them to reignite and rekindle their dreams and Passions and grow their Businesses professionally, making each Woman to feel stronger and more Empowered. She is also actively part of many business groups in UAE such as WIB International, IWES, LINBIZ, IED, IWD, DWE and many more.

How has her personal life changed while she has run the businesses for quite some time now?

After successfully completing all 3 levels of Reiki meditation, she looks forward to being a Reiki Master. She has also completed the Art of Living meditation course and Mindfulness course.
She enjoys making and an occasional treat of gourmet rich dark chocolate. She has completed all levels of culinary and wedding cake decoration course at the Canadian Wilton School of Cake Decorating. She is also passionate about photography, having attended the University of SAE, Australia, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, at New York Film Academy. She is a very versatile person.

What have proved to be her greatest strengths and weaknesses? How did she work on her abilities to achieve her goals?

Lynette believes that ‘The only way to success is to pursue your dreams with a fierce passion, dedication, and 100% commitment. While we focus on our own businesses, we must give back everyday to society in our own little way.’
She states that her greatest strength is her Faith in the Creator and always remains grateful and humble for all the wonderful blessings received to herself, her family and her businesses.
She believes that a good balance between your professional life and personal life is the key to success in all areas of life. Her Business Partner Tania Pereira, who is a thorough seasoned professional carrying 27 years of experience in Airlines and Events in UAE, is her best support and strength and also a dear family friend.
Besides this on a personal front, her Mother Mrs. Philomena and her late Father Leo Lobo are her strongest pillars of support in life, her sister Tina is her motivator and her 2 sons Marc and Darren, who are US citizens are her strength.

What is the biggest challenge she faced and how did she brave it?

Lynette, holds core competencies in business development, strategy management, profitability management, client service and key account management, advertising, education consulting. Lynette is a power house. She has braved many challenges in her life and her experiences make her successful entrepreneur.
The companies that make up Lynette’s group of companies – Dazzle Vici International – have made it through the pandemic and are now more focused and goal-driven than ever. She believes that challenges are stepping stones to success.

What is one advice that she needs to give herself?

Lynette’s personal and professional lives are intertwined, since she is well-versed in management and a thorough entrepreneur in business. She thinks it’s important to give to the less fortunate and supports various causes to help the deprived and.less fortunate people. She believes that everyone in this world has their own journey which is empowering and challenging with alternate highs and lows as per market conditions and volatile market trends. But one fact that never changes is Our Creator, our God. So we must do our absolute best from our end and leave the rest in God’s Hands.

As a business owner, what are her top three priorities?

Lynette’s Top 3 Priorities as a business owner are:
– To have complete dedication and focus to give the best products and services to her customers, delivering the latest innovative technologies of the highest standards.
– To train and upgrade and elevate herself and all her Staff to stand strong by continuously attending relevant latest educational business trainings and self Empowerment seminars to enhance the personality of every staff to Foster a healthy working environment.
– To continuously analyse and re-analyse present working strategies implemented, financial sustainability and future strategic investments. Besides the above, on a personal level, Lynette enjoys a good vacation every now and then. She and her husband take their kids to Disney land in Florida every year for 3 weeks. She loves to pamper herself with massage and holistic relaxation and rejuvenation while the kids play. She likes vacations to refresh and renew. Her family, her personal time, her ambition and philanthropy are her priorities.

What tips does she give to women who are planning for their future now?

She advises other women to plan their future well and follow their passions. She believes every woman must do what pleases her the most. She wants to support other women in finding their true purpose in life. She believes each human has the entire universe inside of themselves, and women more so. They are equipped to balance and multi-task in a very natural way to manage their families, homes, businesses and their Passions in terms of art or social services, etc. So each woman must believe in herself and feel empowered to create magic in her own way and help other women around her to feel Empowered as well.


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