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Suzette Salandy seeks to bring HUMAN in Human Resources

A talented coach, facilitator and popular motivational speaker, Suzette has conducted comprehensive trainings including workplace harassment training, personal and professional development training and leadership and change management training.

Tell us about I Am Suzette and its inception in detail.

I Am Suzette was founded with a purpose to empower leaders to grow and flourish in their careers. Through strategic conversations, we provide leaders with a working model to approach challenges and opportunities differently. I Am Suzette believes in collaboration, inclusivity, and retaining the Human element of Human Resources.

What do you believe is the greatest achievement in the field of HR? How did you make it possible? Share few facts from your journey.

There are many but keeping it succinct, it is the positive change or shift in the leader or environment.  One of my methods of coaching is through the acronym word GRACE which is G – Grant; R – Respect; A – And; C – Catapult; E – Excellence. Everyone wants to be respected, recognized, and rewarded; when you consistently build that type of environment, your team will be committed and will strive for excellence.

Q3. How do you define an effective manager? Why is it important for businesses to ensure they have effective managers? 

An effective manager is someone who consistently communicates and knows that they cannot manage and develop the high and low performer the same way.  Businesses should always be looking at ways to develop and foster greater skills for their managers – as they are the ambassadors, the change makers, and the catalyst to the execution of the vision and mission.

Q4. What has been the most exciting story in your journey? Something that clicked with you and is unforgettable?

Overall, I’ve learned through conversations with various leaders that there is a single thread that connects us as it relates to family, reverencing a higher power, and seeking a purposeful life. Each leader seeks to demonstrate those elements through their presence and position.

Q5. What sets you going for community stewardship? What is your why for it?

When you think about it, one traumatic experience can have a major impact on your life. So, I live in the philosophy of gratitude and understanding that tomorrow is not promised. It’s simple for me: my mission is to pour into others. This could take the form of being a resource to women or even providing a meal to someone in need.

Q6. What are your present priorities and where do you envision yourself in the future? What are your strengths? How did you discover them?

My priority is helping business leaders and owners get to their purpose or evolve further in their purpose. My future aspirations are doing masterclasses, hosting global conferences, and becoming a professor. My strengths come from experience, and are effective communication, facilitating innovation, and building relationships with leaders where trust and transparency enable them to tap in and grow.

Q7. What advice do you have for mothers and wives? How do you believe they should make personal development and growth possible?

Self-care is important, which means that there are things in your life you may have to delegate without feeling guilty. The growth comes from what I call the 3 A’s, which is to Assess, Adjust, and Advance. Your family and duties are both very important, but we must add value to them while also not depleting ourselves. Reevaluate and take the opportunity to release things that do not serve your highest goals.

Q8. Give one message for our readers. How can readers connect with your brand?

My favorite quote is from Maya Angelou: “At the end of the day people may not always remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Having a servant’s heart, and finding your purpose are critical to your destiny. As you grow in purpose, you will be astounded by the impact your life will have on others!

To follow my journey, find me on social media on Facebook @IAmSuzette, on Instagram at @officaliamsuzette, and on TikTok @suziecues. The best way to contact me is through my website at I am Suzette to learn more about my brand.



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