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Get to know the founder of Mint Clothing

Meghna shares that she sensed a gap in the market for people who can afford to dress well but cannot pay for the high-end luxury designer clothes. She decided to do something about it!

Mint clothing

Meghna, tell us about your brand and its inception.

My brand Mint, like the name suggests is synonymous with its own unique sense of freshness and lightness. This clothing label is loved for contemporary fashion for women. After working under the well-known design houses like Sheetal Design Studio (Mumbai) and Seasons India Pvt Ltd. (Mumbai), I decided to launch my own label – Mint. The concept is to allow women to find a strong expression of their own selves through contemporary clothing. They can have an escape into a world full of art, magic and creativity by choosing Mint clothing.

Mint ClothingWhat do you believe is the greatest achievement in your life? How did you make it possible?

Launching Mint to fill in a gap for women who found it hard to have luxury brands has been an achievement to count. I believe I have made contemporary fashion accessible to all women. I am proud of the response Mint has received from the UAE clients. After a successful sting in the fashion industry of Mumbai, Dubai was a challenge. I started by showcasing my clothes at established exhibitions and received an overwhelming response from the ladies who were looking for contemporary yet affordable clothes. It has been an exciting experience for me as a fashion-preneur as I have understood how Mint is able to offer considerable satisfaction to women, who are looking for modern fashion. It allows them to be themselves without making their pockets very light.

Mint ClothingIt is not possible for anyone to reach a certain level without driving force, what have been your greatest driving forces? What kept you motivated through life’s journey?

My greatest driving force has been the support from my family and friends – family stood by me in all ups and downs, and friends inspired me, applauded me even in my minuscule achievements. I have been lucky to have generous and kind seniors, who blessed me with their advice during my journey as a fashion designer.

What has been the most exciting story in your journey – something unforgettable?

Mint ClothingMy passionate journey with fashion started at a very early age when I was lured by my grandmother’s treasure trove of timeless sarees. My aunt’s elegance was unavoidable – it stayed around you like sweet scent of flowers mesmerizing your senses and enticing you. Moreover, I have had the privilege of working under many esteemed design masters such as Hemant Trivedi, Manish Malhotra and Aki Narula. They triggered my natural talents and instilled the art of fashion design at the core of my being. I have designed for Bollywood clients in India and elite fashion buyers – this has offered me an empathetic intelligence of who would love to wear what. Many of my clients think I have a way of understanding them, which often exceeds their expectations.

What sets you apart from others in your field?

The versatility of my design, the choice of best colors, the ability to understand how to define a woman with utmost elegance and precision, and affordability distinguish the brand from any other. Mint stands for affordable luxury, quality, craftsmanship and detail.

What is your message to our readers?

Embrace and love yourself, regardless of your weight and shape . Love your self first and the rest will follow. Like I always say “ Be your own Favorite.”

Mint by Meghna can be reached on Instagram @ _clothingby_mint



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