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Meet with Neetu Choudhary – The Solutionist Life Coach

Meet with Neetu Choudhary, the life coach who is highly versatile. She shares her vision and mission, revealing how she relishes every opportunity to connect, grow, learn and advance.

Tell us about you in detail?

With 20 years of diverse international experience as an academician, IT professional, quality and business excellence professional, continuous improvement leader, speaker, life coach, author, facilitator, YouTuber, and philanthropist I see myself as a lifelong learner. Living in Dubai, for more than a decade, has expanded my vision. I owe my success to the visionary leaders of UAE who inspire everyone to think big. I have traveled to more than 15 countries and have met thousands of fellow beings from all walks of life, who made me reflect on the depth of diversity and strength of serenity. Connecting with people to inspire them to achieve their dreams is my passion. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people realize their full potential and utilize it to manifest their life.

Why are you so passionate about personal development?

A childhood incident had a metamorphic connection to my pursuit of personal development. As a teenager, while swimming, I realized if I don’t move forward, the waves will pull me in their direction and that was the defining moment. Life is to learn to explore, expand, and elevate. The moment we stop learning and growing, we start dwindling. There is so much to learn and grow. The more one learns they realize how little they knew earlier, which is a profound humbling illumination. This development is not mere inquisitiveness but utilizing the knowledge to help others in their development journey.

Personal development is an inside-out journey, your vision feeds the passion. 

What message do you want to give to people who aspire to grow?

If you want something, go get it. It is as simple as that. You may not get it immediately, you may not get it easily; you may not get it without losing what you are holding on to now; you may not get it without pain; you may not get it sitting within your comfort zone; you may not get it without failures; but you will certainly get it when you elevate yourself to the level where it exists.

A dream which keeps you awake is worth having. You have a dream, live it- day in and day out. The universe helps those who help themselves. When you want something  earnestly, your brain will figure out how to align and utilize your current resources to reach the first milestone, then next and next until you achieve it. You evolve, develop and equip yourself to be worthy of living your dream. You should be passionate enough to envision a worthy dream and crazy enough to work on it. Are you crazy enough to own your dreams?

What is your message to lead life?

Explore, Experience, and Evolve. There are a million things to do, just keep exploring opportunities, experience them firsthand, explore life, do not rely on other’s views, go through the journey by yourself, experience it, learn from it, and you will evolve into a new person: you will become the person of your dreams. The more you explore, you realize how little you knew. Life has infinite possibilities, explore it to live fully.

How do you see yourself as a working mother?

thumbnail 1640588099465 200x300 - Meet with Neetu Choudhary - The Solutionist Life CoachMotherhood is my prominent strength, not a weakness. My daughter is my inspiration. In fact, I developed myself professionally more after my daughters’ birth. I did my Six Sigma Black Belt when she was less than a year old and many achievements followed. Women are capable enough to manage both personal life and professional life seamlessly. I am strong as a woman, stronger as a mother. Time management skills, delegation, and family support are required when you have to wear multiple hats efficiently. By empowering mothers, we empower our daughters to become leaders of tomorrow.   It is not a smooth ride but it’s the best one to embark on a journey.

What is your niche in coaching?

I am a Solutionist Life Coach, I help people find the solution for their problems. My solution-based approach is driven by research from neuroscience, neuroplasticity, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, neuro-semantics, NLP, and hypnotherapy. I share the science behind my approach. Acceptability of tools and approaches is high when people understand a science-based approach supported by research. Sharing tools to manage upheavals of life is an asset I help people to develop.  With coaching, I could make a positive impact in many lives, which has a ripple effect.

How to manage time to work on personal development?

Clear the clutter of non-value-adding people, tasks, habits, and relationships. Value your time and utilize every bit of it. We are finite beings with infinite opportunities in this ever-expanding universe, so make use of your finite time in exploring and experiencing life with value-adding work. Prioritize, delegate/outsource and plan, that is the secret of time management. We all have 24 hours, but some achieve their dreams, and others fall asleep to just see their dream. Utilize your time wisely, invest in personal development and set long-term goals.

What message do you want to give to working mothers?

Don’t give up on your dreams, but take motherhood as your strength and channelize your current resources to pursue your passion. While the Covid-19 crisis has disturbed the world, it has also created numerous online opportunities.  Explore the various online opportunities if you decide to take a break from the regular full-time work. Never stop developing yourself, you can do anything and everything if you set your heart to it. It may not be a silky sail but with adequate time management, delegation, and planning you can enjoy adventures.

What if someone does not have the required resources available to them for growth, what do you advise they should do?

You don’t need to see the whole path; you just need to know how to reach the next milestone. You have all resources you need to take the next step; you just need to explore and reorganize them. Break your goal into smaller chunks, create milestones. Once you reach one milestone you equip yourself with more resources that help you to reach yet another milestone, the next after, and the journey continues. It’s not the scarcity of resources that stops people from achieving but the inability to utilize the available resources.

What is the one piece of advice that you want to offer to our readers?

Every crisis creates opportunities, organize your current resources, develop your skills while building a network to leverage the situation. Don’t let temporary obstacles permanently damage your learning and growth. Don’t let your current title and social status define you. You are what you want to be, an in-progress version. The burden of regret for not trying is much heavier than the pain of failure while trying. Always give it a try. Wear your scars as medals and treat them as your stepping stones towards success. Failure is part of success, don’t hate failure but embrace failure, learn from it and grow. Success comes with grit, determination and consistent perseverance.

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