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Meet with Dr. Moon Mukerjee

Moon Mukerjee is counsellor and educator by profession, event organizer and author by passion, an entrepreneur and voyager by heart. She is the founder of Fashion For All and CEO of Demilune Events. She is high on creativity as short film production has been her forte. She is a real estate investor, talent promoter and a dream hunter in the field of fashion and beyond. You have no idea, how many hats this woman may wear in future. She is simply unstoppable!

Presently, she has started a platform by the name of FASHION FOR ALL, where she aspires to promote unconventional as well as conventional models – she believes I going beyond. No Boundaries! Fashion For All is a platform where every aspiring model irrespective of shape, size, color, race, ethnicity is treated equally. Here age is just a number, and a healthy mind is as passionately encouraged as a healthy body. Here is what she shares with us during her interview:

Why Fashion For All & Entrepreneurship:

Working as a counselor over the years and seeing people struggle with body shaming, I thought of launching a venture that breaks the bias and allows people to appreciate themselves no matter what their body shape is like. I started this non-conventional fashion journey, where I can incorporate some more positivity and compassion toward all in the field of fashion.

Her View of Fulfillment:

I call myself an artist, and its very difficult for an artist to be fulfilled I believe, the feeling of containment blocks the road for dreamers like us, but hopefully someday I expect to feel that completeness and get a chance to mellow down my chaotic mind.

Moon’s Take on Work-Life Balance:

I am an extremely workaholic person by nature, to the extent my family complains that my brain doesn’t understand the word rest, it keeps running. However, I manage things well as I strongly believe women have managerial qualities imbibed in their nature.

Her Achievements:

Materialistic Achievements speak for themselves, you can even google me and find me as well, but my real achievements are the lives that I touched, the smiles that I could offer, the love and kindness that I shared. I believe in touching hearts and making lives easier. When I succeed in this, I get the sense of accomplishment that you may call achievement.

Special Message for Our Readers:

Try to be a little kinder and more compassionate towards all, as I always say, A LITTLE LOVE AND KINDNESS GOES A LONG WAY.

Her comments about the glass ceiling for women in her profession:

Just look up with your head held high would see the sunshine draining you. Be consistent and compassionate, be educated, not just literate, at the end BE YOU. The glass has already started cracking, and it would be obliterated soon.

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