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Meet Jana Issa – An entrepreneur helping people lead a transformational life

Janna Issa is Holistic Master Coach at the AUBMC Health and Wellness Center. She also holds various positions, including a Certified Master Coach (BCI, ICC), Life Coach (NFNLP), NLP Practitioner (NFNLP), Emotional Culture Practitioner (riders and elephants), and Corporate Trainer.

About Jana Issa:

Jana: My Brand- “Holistic Approach,” roots in transforming individuals personally and professionally. It offers a program to mould individuals through well-being training sessions, interactive workshop activities, and the development of soft skills, which are essential components of life. Holistic coaching’s overarching goal is to promote contentment and pleasure in all areas of your life that are significant to you. We ensure that this transformation occurs in an individual’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions.

Her journey as a Holistic Approach coach:

Jana IssaJana: As it is always easy to follow the crowd, I, too, went with the flow like most people did, completed my Master’s education, and worked as a Sales and Marketing Specialist in the Pharmaceutical industry for 14 years. In this monotonous life, I went through professional struggles and toxic relationships that compelled me to shift my focus.

I understood my call through observations and reflections. If I could change my life, I could help others to do so, and this inspired me to coach and assist people in developing their soft skills, career, life purpose, and emotional well-being. I also engaged in various readings and training in psychology, theatre, drama therapy, and self-discovery.

Her Greatest Achievement & Driving Force:

Jana: The shift from employee to entrepreneur was a turning point in my life, representing my greatest accomplishment. My guiding principles are Freedom, Fairness, Empathy, Self-Growth, and Creating a Difference.

Her Work at AUBMC Health and Wellness Center

Jana: The organization contacted me, and I recently joined as a consultant.

My core functions include one-to-one coaching sessions with clients and conducting holistic, transformative training programs. In addition, I collaborate with educational institutions, NGOs, and corporate organizations, including Pharmaceutical, Microfinance, and e-commerce companies.

Jana’s USP:

Jana IssaJana: My unique holistic coaching philosophy is based on my beliefs and professional and personal experiences. I help my clients create their own perfectly balanced versions of their lives by integrating mind, body, emotions, and spirit and developing a healthy lifestyle to live a meaningful life.

What does she look up to every day?

Jana: My daily goals are creating and providing comprehensive training programs to help individuals start this holistic path of rebirth.

I see myself making a difference first in my local area, then extending that influence to the globe.

Her thoughts on motherhood and its amalgamation with personal development:

Jana: The feminine energy of being a mother is powerful; it is the cycle of learning about healing and birth and passing this to future generations. Hence personal development is significant.

People Inspiring Jana:

Jana:  I’m thankful and blessed to have people with wisdom and love in my life, starting with my grandmother, the wise lady with whom I created my spiritual being, and my mother, who had discipline, ambition, determination, and willpower. I got my artistic genes from my father. My Partner as well, who has constantly supported me.

A message for our readers:

Jana: You are capable of leading a purposeful, happy life. You will attract what is meant to be when you live by your life’s purpose; if you aren’t, look for a compass that will correctly steer you.

Connect with Jana:

AUBMC Health and Wellness Center

Phone: +961 01 350 000 Ext 8030 – 3002

Mobile: +961 03 187120


Instagram: coachjanaissa

Linkedin: Jana Issa







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