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Meena Asrani: Being Muskaan stands for Women Empowerment

Meena Asrani, the founder of Being Muskaan, is a passionate woman empowerment advocate. She has consciously supported many women from India and the UAE through her powerful events. She has worked with them for finding a purpose in their life and gaining confidence to live with courage. Here is Meena’s conversation with us …

 Tell us about Being Muskaan and its inception.

Being Muskaan is a brand created to empower and offer a platform for women, who are not ramp models but real-life models. We have regular pageants at Being Muskaan. We train models, groom them and help them to build on their strengths and be the best version of themselves. Pageants are a platform for showcasing women empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership. The contestants participating in pageants are activists, who have the confidence to stand firm for various causes in different arenas. They represent women from different walks of life, advancing in different careers, yet are contestants to be lauded for their confidence and beauty.

At Being Muskaan, we also organize fashion show for children, Men’s pageant, and Men’s fashion show too.

What is the greatest achievement in your life? How did you make it possible?

image00003 240x300 - Meena Asrani: Being Muskaan stands for Women EmpowermentMy greatest achievement in life is to shatter female stereotypes and grow stronger to represent empowered women. I come from a conventional Hindu family from India, but I have been fighting against stereotypical myths about women. I have been a rebel against conventions that tag women as inferior and try to limit them. I believe every woman has a unique identity. Her entire being is a source of power and she deserves to be loved, admired and supported for who she naturally is rather than being confined by social or ethnic conventions that snub her nature.

I am proud to be who I am today. My pride rests in the recognition I have received for working for women. The appreciation and love in the eyes of people around me fuels me to go further and work more by creating opportunities for women to stand out.

Q3. What has been driving you towards your goals? What kept you motivated through life’s journey?

My driving force have been always my father’s faith in me. He has always trusted me and that has been my strength. I must also mention the utmost support I received from my husband Anil Asrani, who has been a source of strength after I lost my father. He motivates me and encourages me to go on. He offers me the best counsel.

What has been the most exciting story in your journey? Share the unforgettable!

Meena AsraniThe most exciting part of my life is motherhood – my two children are my life. When it comes to work life, yes, the most exciting has been my Mrs. India Universe journey. It made me realize that working for women needs to go beyond hosting fashion shows. As soon as I understood this, my next important step became the grooming and training session of women. The objectives were very obvious, I wanted to give my 100% to bring out the best. I knew right from the beginning this will be a game changer for all women associated with us.

Let me share an incident. It was in 2018, when I visited India for a pageant and groomed around 35 ladies from different parts of India. The contestants included women who never wore heels, or sleeveless dresses or off shoulder dresses. They did not have the confidence to wear liberal fashion. However, the best part is, they were ready to take any challenge to be the best on ramp. It meant a lot for several participants. Once those trainings completed, I was invited to a village in Bihar to meet a female leader who was an inspiration for many people in that village. This was many months later. Once I was there, she took me by surprise as she came down and touched my feet in gratitude. Her feelings touched me deeply. She humbly thanked me for her life’s achievements. That moment still stays with me. It has made me realize that my efforts in training and motivation for women can change many people’s lives.

And this is when Being Muskaan was found …

What makes your work different?

Meena AsraniI have launched Being Muskaan for passion and not for business. By profession, I am a corporate leader and I have a very successful career. I am working for UAE’s leading distribution company; my job provides for financial requirements. I do not earn from my work for the social cause. At Being Muskaan we organize the most ethical, systematic and motivational shows, and we will always stand by our values.

What advice do you have for mothers and wives? How do you believe they should make personal development and growth possible?

I advise all women to be an inspiration for their children. Every child receives its best from the mother, therefore, a mother must give the best and set the best examples. Moreover, I advise all women to be independent in terms of finance. An independent wife makes a stronger life partner.

Meena, who has inspired you the most in your life and how?

Meena AsraniMy Inspiration has always been my father who taught me do good. He instilled a strong ethics-oriented system in myself that is my strength. He gave me ways to find a purpose and the courage to go on working towards it to succeed. He taught me to hold fast to my beliefs. He has been my guiding light, my advisor and my mentor. I owe everything to him.

What is your one most important message for our readers?  

I am a lifelong learner. I would say, “Karmanye vadhika raste, Ma phaleshu kadachana” which means keep doing good work without any expectations. I believe what goes around comes around, therefore, everybody must do good. When we work towards common good, we receive high rewards. Work selflessly for humanity to receive in abundance.

How can readers connect with your brand?

They may connect through the website Mrs UAE International. They may also follow us on Instagram and interact with us. The Instagram is @beingmuskaanevents

We love social interaction and are available to have the readers at Being Muskaan.

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