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An Interview with Christine Adolf

The founder of Triple C UAE shares facts about the Crypto and Blockchain Community she is growing exponentially to have the Top Woman in Technology Title 2023. Christine Adolf is a proud young Egyptian in Dubai who breathes life into aspirations and growth plans of Crypto investors. She is a passionate professional with fourteen corporate experiences, eleven entrepreneurial projects before founding Triple C UAE. She has moved between Egypt, Cyprus and Dubai during her life. Her community of expats in Dubai has more than five hundred members now within its first year and it is growing consistently.

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Christine’s Career:

Christine is a professional consultant in Blockchain technology and Crypto currency investments. She believes that this industry has been stereotyped and labelled. There are too many misconceptions about crypto investments and growth potential. She believes that people need to acquire knowledge about crypto currencies and the way they work before making any investments. Without understanding it, nobody can grow. She is enthusiastically doing her part in helping people learn more and test waters in this realm. She believes in the power of failure and encourages people to step forward and create their own experiences rather than believing in crypto myths. Christine says, “I’ve failed a lot, I always say FAIL HARD, but FAIL FORWARD! It is part of the process & without failures I would have never been here! Everybody must learn in their own way by taking initiatives in Crypto because that is the only way to learn and grow”.

Who benefits from Christine’s work?

Christine consults every one from any age group about Crypto investments and building multiple streams of passive income. Everybody may benefit from her work. She says, “ALMOST EVERYONE GLOBALLY may benefit from Crypto investments. No age, gender, nationality restrictions! Everyone wants to learn, expand their horizons, make DUBAI happen in shortcut & learn new ways on how they make money work for them, not they work for money”.

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Christine’s Vision:

Higher education in Blockchain Technology is on her list. She will be enrolling for her masters from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. She also aims to enlighten more women about blockchain technology and encourage them to learn about Crypto currencies. She has accepted the challenges in this field and is preparing to meet with them to be successful.

Glass Ceiling for Women in Technology:

Christine faced her challenges when she chose to be in the field of Crypto currency investments consultancy. In her own country, it is difficult for people to understand this new digital finance field, therefore, criticism originating from people’s ignorance tried to block her but she is unstoppable. She says, she did not choose to stop. She is grateful for the UAE to offer her more opportunities and allow her to grow in a very tolerant and multi-national society. Speaking of the presence of women in this field she says, “I genuinely believe we need more women in this space! It is a fun way of making money”.

Christine’s Game Plan:

She wants the following three:

  1. Expand the expats community she is growing. She wants maximum number of expats in Dubai to join it for everybody’s benefit.
  2. She wants to help many people have passive income streams and experience financial freedom.
  3. She wants to offer more growth opportunities to women in technology. She wishes to attract governmental support for this.

Women to Rise:

Christine believes that women must pursue knowledge to rise the career ladder. They must foster growth mindset especially in the fields of technology. She encourages women to network, attend events and learn more.

Contact Christine:

On Socials: linktree/christineadolf

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