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Fairouz Daoud Touches Hearts Through Rozmemories

Fairouz Daoud has recently bagged the Best Creative Entrepreneur Award at Innovation in Business Summit, as her venture is a uniquely crafted business valuing human emotions and feelings.

Creative economy is on the rise in the UAE and there are thousands of creative entrepreneurs emerging with innovative business ideas. As Dubai’s business eco-system is entrepreneur friendly, the rising talent has its own voice. One of the powerful voices in this entrepreneurial horizon is that of Fairouz Daoud.

Fairouz Daoud is an award-winning entrepreneur, who has unique jewelry concept lying at the heart of her brand. She launched Rozmemories as an ecommerce store during the peak of the pandemic in 2020. Here is an interactive talk with her, she shares facts from her journey and her aspirations with us.

Fairouz Daoud

Tell us about yourself and Rozmemories?

I am Fairouz Daoud, originally from Palestine. I have been a TV presenter and a PR specialist in Saudi Arabia in the past. Then I moved to Dubai at the end of 2019 to find something different for myself. I was looking for a job that would allow me to exercise my skills and talent, but it did not happen. I decided to be on my own and chose to launch a jewelry brand with the title Rozmemories in 2020 during the pandemic. I know many people would think, it was really ambitious to launch a business during the pandemic, but honestly that was the time for it. I could give my 100% to planning for it and executing the plans, there were no distractions. Moreover, it was the time when people needed happiness and connectivity. With everybody locked up in their homes, it was hard for people to send beautiful gifts. Rozmemories answered this need. It allowed people to send out gifts to their loved ones in the form of customized jewelry to stay connected, feel loved and happy.

As for Rozmemories, it offers imprinted and life casting jewelry. It also combined jewelry with tech as QR codes can be engraved on the jewelry locking names, sounds, heart beat and any information they want to preserve or convey through the jewelry items. Our clients have to custom order their jewelry and we prepare for them according to their needs. This is something that makes Rozmemories unique as everything we make is personalized.

What is the vision and mission behind your brand?

Rozmemories intends to connect hearts and preserve moments. As its name suggests, we lock up precious memories that our customers treasure in beautiful and delicate jewelry. We respect the emotions and feelings of our customers and support them in re-living the moments they have always cherished.

My vision, as an entrepreneur, is to grow Rozmemories into a luxury brand with more variety over the next couple of years. I want to collect 1 Million stories of love, compassion and kindness. These 1 Million stories are the stories from the hearts of our customers and will be preserved and cherished forever through a book. This is a unique concept of love from my heart to all the customers who trust Rozmemories.

What is the recipe of success in your words?

Success comes from the heart. It is not centered around money only; it is centered around people. The more lives you change, the more hearts you touch, the more successful you are – this is my belief.

How do you select the materials for Rozmemories?

We select the best of silver with maximum durability for our jewelry. The life casting and imprints are made in the workshop in Gold Souk Dubai and every jewel is unique as it is custom made for our clients. We work consciously to assess the quality of each our products so that our clients are not disappointed.

What, in your views, are some of the major challenges for a jewelry designer? How could they be overcome?

A major challenge for a jewelry business is to make its unique selling proposition because this is from creative industry and there is a lot of competition in this space. There are billions of designs that are available at a variety of prices, consumers will be attracted to a brand that has a powerful message and a cause. Therefore, I believe a jewelry business has to have a strong cause behind it to succeed; otherwise, it will be lost among the mundane. It should not become just another jewelry business.

What are your views about starting an e-commerce business in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the top e-commerce hubs in the GCC. More than 80% of the consumer market is preferring online purchases; therefore, every business has to make itself available online to attract more buyers. It is the present and the future of business. Hence, I recommend all entrepreneurs to take care of their online market presence. If they do not cater to it, they will lose large part of market share.

Secondly, Dubai is a great place to launch an e-commerce business as the process is fast and easy. The licensing process is quick and seamless. There are many options for entrepreneurs to choose from such as they may have a mainland company or a free zone company. I have found it very convenient to run an e-commerce business in Dubai.

What is one advice that you would give to other entrepreneurs?

I would advise all entrepreneurs to be focused and dedicated to their mission. They should not take rejections seriously, rather, they should face challenges bravely as these will direct them towards success. I want to advise all entrepreneurs to follow their passion as life without it is nothing.


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