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Emirati Influencer Mona Sulaiman Tajarbi Shares Her Story

Meeting with Mona Sulaiman Tajarbi was an amazing experience, she is vibrant and livelier than many. Her charming personality attracts. Mona is a lifestyle and beauty blogger in the UAE. She is one of the leading Emirati bloggers who have made their mark because they stand up for various social causes. Mona, is not only known for creating engaging and high-quality content, she has also won various awards for her work. She has been awarded Best Social Media Network 2017 by Sheikh Abdullah Al Nahyan, Super Power Award 2021, Women of Substance Award 2020, She Awards 2020, Emirati Women Award 2021, and She Awards Ladies in Business 2021. She is a successful entrepreneur in the beauty niche. Mona Sulaiman is the ambassador of Hope and ambassador of Awareness at Smart Cells.

Here is our conversation with Mona.

Mona SulaimanHow did you find yourself entering the influencer space?

I started a few years back as a lifestyle Instagram blogger. I used to make my posts without showing my face so that the audience focuses on the products and the story rather than the person. However, later on I felt that brining my face into the stories and content will make my content more credible and relatable. I changed the style of my content after discussing it with my family and they encouraged me for creating content. It is difficult to build presence in the social media as competition is tough and one has to keep their audience engaged but it is worth trying.

What is the piece of advice you received in the start of your career as an influencer?

The most useful and important advice has been to trust your ability. I strongly assert that one’s faith in one’s own self and capabilities matters big time. Listening to others and their opinions may do more harm than good. Constructive feedback is always worth listening too but feedback that is just negative is of no use.  I believe in staying positive. This has been of help in growing my career as an influencer.

WhatsApp Image 2021 11 22 at 09.37.521 200x300 - Emirati Influencer Mona Sulaiman Tajarbi Shares Her StoryWhat was the first ever product you reviewed as an influencer?

It was food, home made and yummy. I will not that that my first every post about the first product was amazing. I was a beginner but I enjoyed doing it. That’s what kept motivating me and I was able to grow from 100 followers to 500,000 followers and rolling on.

What inspired you to become a blogger?

There was no female blogger from Ras al Khaimah, when I started. I saw the gap and felt I could bridge it.  I believed in myself and it worked very well.

What do your first 30mins of the day look like?

I am a dedicated mum. The beginning of my day is always with my children. I love them. They keep me happy and going. I am a totally different person when I am around my children, and I love that. They give me a fresh start of the day, every day.

Mona Sulaiman TajarbiWhat were the hurdle’s you have overcome as an influencer?

Common hurdles such as the fear of taking the first step. The uncertainty that lurks around testing and experimenting when it comes to content creation. Apart from this, negative people and their toxic presence has also been like a hiccup, but of course, I have been wise enough to keep them away. I advise all other influencers to keep toxic people and haters away as they do nobody good. You are strongly influenced by the people who surround you, therefore, choose the best people. A person who keeps company with good people is likely to win often and faster than those who are surrounded by toxic people.

Can you tell us about your brand Blink by Mona Tajarbi?

Blink is a beauty brand offering high quality eye lashes. Eyes speak louder than the tongue and they are mirror to one’s soul. I started blink with this in my mind. Blink brings something beautiful for eyes and enhances their beauty. I started with lashes because lashes can change your look even if you do not wear any make up. I am adding more products to Blink beauty line such as eye masks, eye liner range and perfumes. These will be launched soon.

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