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Awareness and Mindset Shift – Two Stakes to Health and Nutrition

H.H. Nutricare aims to change lives by supporting healthier lifestyle and nutrition practices. Meet with the Managing Director of H.H. Nutricare as she shares the inspiring story of brand inception. 

Tell us about yourself, Ms. Harsheeta. How did you develop interest in a health and nutrition business?

Health and nutrition was not a prime career choice for me as after my schooling, I wanted to pursue Law to help people in their legal matters. I practiced Law as an advocate. However, during my academic and early career activities, I suffered from bad health and developed issues such as Gall Bladder removal, hypothyroidism, PCOD etc., which continuously resulted in deteriorating my mental and physical well being. These health problems led to improper digestion and subsequent increase in my body weight. My whole physical wellbeing took a toll and I faced several unspeakable health issues.

I then decided to take charge of my health. I realized the value and importance of nutrition and health coaching is in our lives. With my decision to move to the UAE, I decided that I will dedicate my life to help people overcome the physical health barriers and lead them to a healthy and happy life. I pursued a course in Health & Nutrition from Delhi, India and a certification of Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), New York, USA. This is how destiny led me to my presence in fitness and nutrition industry. My personal life health challenges led towards a business that solves issues for others.

What is your mission?

The mission and aim of my company, H H Nutricare, is to “Create Healthy Lifestyles”. The main focus is to help people to lose weight. We want to encourage and guide people in transforming their lifestyle by eating good food and developing health oriented habits.

How is H H Nutricare different from other brands in the same space?

Balancing our life is the most important rule and we aim to teach our clients the same. To achieve balance, we provide services including consultation, advice, support, guidance and follow-ups regarding processes to streamline diet system, weight management, eating disorders and lifestyle changes. These ensure a healthy lifestyle.

What has been your greatest inspiration?

My clients have been my greatest Inspiration. They continuously motivate and inspire me through their achievements and outstanding transformation. The dedication invested by some clients who are elderly, above the age of 70 and even teenagers between the ages 12-16 years are commendable.

Share with us the achievements made by H H NUTRICARE.

Some of my clients have experienced significant health transformation. For instance, some of them have reduced around 40 kgs in a year by following simple advices and setting up fixed routine. Some have reversed their pcod, thyroid and IBS completely.

Apart from results achieving through serving clients, I have bagged awards in my professional journey. I have been awarded as The Best Nutritionist by Naari by Srishti in 2021. I have currently received the Best Nutrition Influencer award in the UAE by WETEL TV UAE. I have been engaged as a judge in various events to motivate people.

As a woman entrepreneur in health and wellness space, what were some challenges faced by you in business? Also share with us any challenges that your business has faced as a brand?

The major challenges that I have come across are misinformation, myths and lack of awareness among people. I receive queries from clients based on assumptions. Health assumptions affect their wellness and majority of the people are not aware of the damage. I strongly believe that every body needs to educate themselves with nutrition facts and affect of food intake and lifestyle habits on their body and psychology.

How did you or the business overcome these challenges?

I have been counselling people to assist them in understanding their body type. I have been working on awareness raising for healthy consumption of food. Every human’s biological presence has its own demands. Each body is a system of its own. Mindset is another challenge. We cannot change anyone unless they are willing to embrace the change. Health is closely related to mindset. People, who are unable to experience a mindset shift about health and nutrition, are never able to pull themselves out of health problems.

Why should H H Nutricare be the first choice?

The main objective and goal of the H H Nutricare is providing advice and coaching to help the clients transform from their sedentary lifestyle into more healthy and active way of living. In order to achieve specific personal or professional goals in different human endeavors, I help them understand the best way of controlling health problems. I closely work with them to facilitate healthy and sustainable behavior change, with a focus on improving behavior as well as enhancing personal appearance.

Where do you see H H Nutricare in next five years?

In next five years I see H H Nutricare transforming maximum people around the world and helping them chose the best sustainable options in their primary and secondary diets.

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