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A Story of Courage & Resilience

An Interview with the Founder and Managing Director of Akademikka Training Institute, Dubai

The year 2020-2021 has been hard on many, but UAE residents, especially women in business made the best use of their time. Armenian expatriate, Lilit Tshughuryan, a career woman and achiever in her own rights, decided to dive deep despite the pandemic. She believes in the power of resilience. Lilit, with 13 years of expertise in business management, marketing, sales training and lecturing is also an award-winning career-woman. She said the pandemic has humbled her just like it has done to so many people. “It has impacted the way we live, work and think. Days in lockdown were an opportunity for me to rethink the situation, exploring the business environment and discovering most of what was available in the UAE.” – says Lilit Tshughuryan.

Then 2020 came, she established her own business in Dubai “Akademikka Training Institute” as she saw an opportunity in trainings, education, learning and development space. She made heavy investment into the education sector. “As a woman, this is a challenge in itself, but COVID-19 has taught me that there is no time to waste. If you want something go for it. There is no time to brood, to wallow in misery and sit back at home, worrying about your future. Instead, spring to action and create something positive around you and make something good happen” – says Lilit Tshughuryan.

Lilit’s institution offer 20 KHDA approved training courses to upscale skills in various disciplines. 2021 was amazing for Lilit, she claimed 6 local and international business awards for the Training Institute which she is managing, all alone as a solopreneur, author and trainer. Her achievements reveal that she believes in moving on despite odds. She does not consider challenges as hurdles. Her primary strength is the passion for education industry. She has great experience in her field. She offers new ideas to the market to provide unique, new professional education programs in healthcare, real estate, aviation, fashion, arts, retail sectors with a focus on marketing and sales.


As Lilit said “When things aren’t great, difficult or full of challenges and you’ve hit a wall think about how you could reach out to move your business idea, find a mentor group or even share your situation with family members, especially parents just to help get you some viewpoint or fresh idea. In that viewpoint lies your resilience.  When you reach out, get clear about what it is that you need to move forward, upgrade or modify. Give yourself workable and flexible ideas and just ask questions from different experts.  Use your strengths and your values to work out a new plan to succeed. Attend conferences and summits, build your own network, pay attention to LinkedIn as a major source of business promotion, personal and professional brand management.”

Don’t hit that wall and feel failure approaching, never think of failure, if you have experienced failure see it as an opportunity to learn. Do not make the same mistakes. Be resilient!


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