Workplace diversity and women's professional role in the modern world

Workplace diversity and women’s professional role in the modern world

Did you know that women are directly affected by diversity in the workplace? Over the decades the role of a woman has changed in the workplace. Women across the globe try to stand up to gender-biased policies. In general, a number of factors are contributing to the increasing number of women in the workplace such as knowledge economy, legislation supporting equal opportunities, increasing the cost of living and access to education. Well, many women have moved from nurturing roles like nursing and education to all probable professional occupations.

A contributor to GDP

An increasing number of professional women in the economy has the potential to boost the country’s GDP as long as governments can tilt the scale towards its success. If specific levers are pulled by respective governments then it can make a difference in the economy.

Increased competitiveness of an organization

Diversity in the workplace helps clients to view women as a credible resource. A woman can inspire colleagues to excel and bring out their best.

Women inject strong team orientation in the company

Gender diversified organizations tend to create robust teams. Women now hold profit and loss responsibilities. According to a study carried out by Catalyst in 2005 in diversity in the workplace statistics, a woman is receptive to team efforts as compared to a man.  The study revealed that women are more compassionate towards their team. Also, women were more persuasive than the male. Women respond to visual and emotional gestures effectively as compared to male counterparts. On the other hand, men prefer giving directives to team members rather handle emotive issues. A woman would encourage participatory engagements with colleagues to share ideas to maintain professionalism.

Diversity in workplace attracts top talent

For an organization looking to hire the best, they have to appeal to diverse candidates. Some companies may post their openings on female-based job boards. Women will bring different attitudes and skills to the table. Women will add certain attributes like intuition, empathy, and optimism to the organization necessary for building a healthy work environment.

Diversity ensures a true representation of the client base.

If you want to retain a diverse client base you need a diverse workforce as well. According to diversity in the workplace statistics 85% of women have a direct influence on retail decisions it means you can capitalize on the diversification of the workforce.

Encourage a Well-balanced workforce

Women are sensitive in nature, they can understand an unspoken word. Therefore, they can smell tension from miles before it crops up. Way back a woman was considered an emotional being only fit to work within the confines of the home. Guess what! Now, she is recognized as a problem solver because she can easily decode body language.

Finally, it is believed that women contribute differently in boardrooms. In short, overwhelming majority of women in the workplace bring empathy and intuition to the workplace. Whether a woman brings positive characteristics to the organization is debatable. Whilst others are highly caring some may not. All in all, diversity and inclusion in the workplace bring diverse life experiences. A woman can now stand tall and play significant role professionally in the modern world.

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