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How to prepare for a job interview

Every person faces difficulties when it comes to facing an interview panel and we all know jobs in Dubai are not easy to get. In this article, we want to share some stuff that has helped many people prepare for interviews. There are job interview tips the interviewee can pick before and after the interview to have a competitive advantage over other interviewees.  Here are a few job interview tips that can help someone get a job offer.


  1. Investigate the organization and role

Investigating your potential employer is critical in answering questions about the company during the interview. If the company has a website, check their “About Us” page.  Look at the company reviews for former employees and customers.  Are you able to tap into your network to help discover if you can have an edge over the other candidates? When looking for Jobs in Dubai read magazines or articles about your prospective employer.


  1. Analyze the job

Look beyond the job title when analyzing a job posting.  You need to play detective to check past the job post title. Do you have the skill set needed? Compare your details and the description on the job posting if they match. Through the job post, a job applicant can gather, examine and interpret the data about the job’s tasks and responsibilities. An interviewer requires the art of salary negotiation.  Do you know what you are worth?


  1. Let the panel know you are paying attention

Paying attention helps you to understand how the question is framed so that you can give a clear answer. For panel interviews, you require additional preparation because an interviewee will have to talk to more members of the hiring team. Prepare for follow-up questions. Ensure you have enough materials such as curriculum vitae for the panel. You need to take a conversational approach. Always sit upright.  For some Jobs in Dubai, you need to prepare for Skype or Walk-in interviews.

Panel sample questions

  • “Tell Us about yourself”
  • “Why should we hire you”
  • “Why did you select this career”
  • “Why did you exit your last job”
  1. What do you carry during the interview?

Carry at least 5 copies of your resume, pen/paper, a bag for carrying your documents, and pre-written questions for the interviewer(s).

  1. Practice voice and body language

Body language reveals your personality and can be used to assess your professional level. A candidate’s response may be flawless but inappropriate body language can send incorrect signals and sour perception about you. Your career coach may advise against crossing legs because in some industries it conveys indifference. If crossing your legs makes you comfortable and confident then go ahead.  Avoid swinging your legs side by side it may portray you as a nervous individual.

  1. Visit the organization prior to the interview.

A site-visit is one of the job interview tips that enable you to evaluate your employer.  In some instances, you may receive an onsite-visit invitation through email or phone. When you arrive at the city of site visit evaluate certain aspects such as living and working in that city. You need the information when you receive an offer to work in a potential company.

  1. Prepare sample insightful questions to the interviewer

A career coach can help you prepare questions to ask your boss to be confident this is the right job for you. If you leave without asking questions the interview panel may feel you are disinterested. A positive impression during an interview can give you a job offer. Questions can emerge naturally in the course of an interview.



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