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Expo 2020 Jobs: Recruiters are looking for talent for the pavilions

Hundreds of job vacancies with salaries between 10k to 40k Dhs are still coming up from the Expo 2020 site for the right kind of talent to fit in different pavilions at this globally awaited mega event in Dubai.

Vacancies in operations, planning and communications based jobs are emerging in pavilions across the Expo 2020 Dubai site. These jobs are inviting applicants to share their video CVs to be considered for the positions. The new recruits are expected to have great communication skills as they are likely to be entrusted to engage visitors from all parts of the world as they visit the site during the Expo. For the position of a receptionist at any pavilion the salary range has been announced to be AED 10,000 and managers are offered AED 40,000. These are contract based jobs and the contracts may start from September to last till March 2022. The site is likely to be cleared in April 2022, therefore, some job contracts may last till April. This is a great opportunity for the rising talent in the UAE to have significant placement.

The local job market within the UAE is growing at a very fast pace and the momentum is going to continue till first quarter of 2022. It is exciting to know that Barker Langham has 240 opening for Expo related positions and is recruiting at the moment. Mr Styles, the representative of the company said, “We are welcoming applicants from five continents and the interest across the board has been phenomenal,”. If you are interested in applying for a role at the expo send you application here: recruitment@barkerlangham.com

Details of roles are available on LinkedIn and at www.barkerlanghamrecruitment.com

There are many other recruiters looking for talent for various positions at the expo. For further details feel free to search for Expo jobs on LinkedIn.


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