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5 ways to manage a bully boss

For most people, the word bullying brings back their school’s playground memories. When you left school you thought bullying is a thing of the past.  People are bullying at adult age only the tactics change. It’s extremely difficult to overcome the challenge of a bully boss. A huge percentage of workforces across the globe have encountered a bully boss. A person’s career can take a serious turn because of the bully at the workplace who happens to be the boss. The experiences can be devastating.  Are you always the last to get emails for departmental meetings? You will either be late or unprepared for meetings. Workers can choose to work with coaches in Dubai to fully invest in their careers and set the agenda for their own lives.

  1. Become a workplace warrior

A bullied employee can use self-defense strategies to restore his/her dignity and power to reverse the challenges faced at work. If the bullied employee chooses to do nothing about the despotic boss the productivity at the workplace can go down. According to experts, a simple action by an employee can prevent the bully from ruining their job.

  1. Avoid being isolated

A bully boss can alienate you from co-workers. Feeling discomfort in the workplace is not trivial. You struggle to sit with colleagues for lunch or in meetings. When you are in a healthy environment you feel happy and healthier. Isolation will prevent you from positively influencing co-workers to do certain tasks. When the problem is with your boss, learn to control yourself and your perception of the situation. Try a focused conversation with someone you haven’t talked to for a while in the organization.

  1. Identify safe spots and stay there

If the boss constantly picks on you identify customers and upright employees important to the employer and stay around them because the bully will less likely attack you in the hearing of his allies. Bullies should have as little information about your personal life as possible that includes family, interests, religion, hobbies, and friends.

  1. In the event of bullying

The boss can make verbal comments to hurt you. You can excuse yourself to the restroom. If he/she pursues you to the restroom don’t go there. You don’t have to leave the building but occasionally you can excuse yourself and tell him/her you are late for the HR appointment or attending another meeting within the building. In worst-case scenarios, the boss may deny you training opportunities, ignore your opinions or embarrass you in front of other colleagues.

  1. Distract your abusive boss when she or he attacks

A simple distraction such as picking up a file or an old note with a telephone number may get your bully boss to stop the attack. Certified life coaches in Dubai have a wealth of experience to help you handle the attacks.

Take home:

Dealing with a tyrannical boss is not easy. If it’s your first time in employment it can be disastrous. The abuses can be part of the routine including written communication, phone calls or even physical. Life coaches in Dubai can help bullied employees overcome challenges at their workplaces.

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